WEB Notes: Remember when that used to be the “Republican” moto? Less government?… Yeah I cannot remember either, but it was at one point in time. Yet, we never hear that anymore. Instead we hear that we need to expand the government from both parties and war, well in today’s world war never ends which means more money is required in order to expand the globalist empire, I mean retain the sovereignty of the nations and fight against terrorism.

The ongoing debate over tax cuts has been framed, as it always is, in stark terms: Either we stimulate the economy by cutting taxes — leading to a rise in deficits and debts — or we raise taxes to pay the ever-higher cost of government. In general, Republicans have tended to favor the former, arguing that tax cuts, paradoxically, will lead to economic expansion and higher tax receipts over time. Democrats deny this, arguing that tax cuts will increase the debt and deficit, and leave America unable to defray the costs of government.

There is, however, an excluded option that neither side is willing to acknowledge: the possibility of cutting the size and cost of government. The debate over whether to raise or lower taxes is a false dilemma: It is the size of government, and not the level of taxation, that is the real rub.

Source: Why Not Lower Taxes Through LESS Government?


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