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Pig Hearts Could Soon Be Tested In Humans After Scientists Pass Important Milestone

WEB Notes: Talk about an abomination. Pigs are unclean for food and that would certainly include inserting their body parts into our bodies. On another note, pigs are commonly used as they share 98% of our DNA, that reminds me…

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CBC Tells Canadians To Have ‘Fewer’ Children To Stop ‘Climate Crisis’

WEB Notes: This is like China and their one child policy. We are being told more and more than the reason of climate change, formerly called global warming is due to mankind…

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Dow Drops Another 558 Point, Gains Wiped Out For Year

WEB Notes: The day before yesterday the market was down roughly 400. Overall the market dropped 4% for the week. It goes to show you how quickly everything could be wiped out. The most interesting part to me is…

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GOP Fails Pro-Life Voters by Refusing to Defund Planned Parenthood

WEB Notes: Way to go Republican party. Continue to provide taxpayer dollars to murder the unborn. Voters knew Democrats will not defund this organization but were let down when Republicans refused as well. What then does that mean? No one is going to, how do you think our Heavenly Father feels about that?

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People Aren’t Paying Their Credit Cards And More Are Being Shut Down

WEB Notes: People’s personal economics are doing so well, they cannot afford to pay their credit cards. Does that make sense to you? Of course not. People’s personal economics are not doing so well due to the 95 million working age men and woman not in the labor force. More signs of economic uncertainly.

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Record 156,795,000 Employed in USA, 13th Record-Breaker Under Trump

WEB Notes: No mention of the 95 million working age Americans out of the work force.

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Reminder: Bible Question And Answer

Christian Cross Mountain Clouds

We will publish our latest edition of “Bible Question and Answer” next Friday and we invite you to participate by submitting your question and joining the discussion. Your questions can be Biblical in nature or concern world events and life in general. We will also address questions or comments about our Bible studies in this forum. You may submit your question by clicking the “Bible Q&A” link at the top of our site.

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Nevada Man Left Unable To Speak, See Or Breathe After Getting Flu Shot

WEB Notes: The article is a good read, especially for those who are unfamiliar with this topic. The article states the man was “diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, which the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognises as a ‘very rare’ side effect to vaccines“…

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3.9 Billion People Now On The Internet

WEB Notes: A connected world that grows by the day. How this reminds me of the Tower of Babel. Remember, with more people using the internet, that means there are more opportunities to share God’s Word. Consider sharing content from our site to help those in our dark world find truth.

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Deepmind’s Alphazero Now Showing Human-Like Intuition In Historical ‘Turning Point’ For AI

WEB Notes: The article is an interesting read and shows how far computer systems have changed over the years. Machines now learning on their own… What kind of world will that lead us into?

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Shocking Extent Of How Big Firms Harvest Your Data

WEB Notes: Reference the graphic from the source. The top of the image says, “How multinationals exploit your data”. Very telling and interesting details, especially those of Facebook who can license anything you post.

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Australia Gets World-First Encryption Busting Laws

WEB Notes: You notice the governments of the world are always busying passing laws to pry more into your life. Who are the paranoid ones here? It would seem that government is…

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