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Religious People Live Longer Than Those With No Affiliation, Study Says

WEB Notes: This is no surprise at all. It would have been nice to see a break down by faith as to the length of extended years an individual had. The only graphic on the site shows is the change in people identifying with each religion. Unfortunately and as we have pointed out in the past, the Christian faith continues to decline…

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U.S. Bombs Syrian Army Position

WEB Notes: Another day, another dead Syrian at the hand of the US government and no one seems to care. But hey, make sure you focus on the “immigration” debate.

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Supreme Court Rules That States Can Force Online Shoppers To Pay Sales Tax

WEB Notes: If we were not taxed enough already, here comes more. What they say is true, California leads the way for the country. If memeory serves correct, California was the first to do this. California was the first to make a law saying you cannot talk on your phone and drive, I note Texas does the same.

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Texas Governor Calls Teen Whose Dying Wish Is to Pass Bill to End Abortion in State: ‘Your Wish Has Been Granted’

The Republican governor of Texas called a 16-year-old boy with osteoblastic osteosarcoma on Sunday whose dying wish was to urge the governor to pass a bill abolishing abortion in the state.

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America Is Over, But I Won’t See It Go Without An Epic Fight

WEB Notes: I thought the whole article was pretty good. When you set out to do something, do it to the fullest of your ability.

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In Reversal, Trump Orders Halt To His Family Separation Rule

WEB Notes: Another day, another illegal executive order. Trump back peddled on his own deal here. Never be a leaf shaken in the wind, blowing this direction and then that direction. Make a stand and when you do, stand, (Revelation 3:14-16, Matthew 11:7)

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1.4K American Children Separated from Parents for Every One Separated at Border

WEB Notes: I am pretty certain we have discussed this issue in the past, but it has been a while. Do you realize the US has roughly 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoners?…

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U.S. Homes Prices Least Affordable in Almost a Decade

WEB Notes: What goes up, must come down.

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Texas Billboard: “Liberals, Please Continue On I-40 Until You Have Left Our Great State Of Texas,”

A billboard in Texas has gone viral with a message for folks of a particular political persuasion and now the person who posted the image online – and the billboard company – are receiving threats.

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Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

WEB Notes: Eventually mankind and their understanding of our earth will catch up to what the Bible says. This is going to be a pretty damning study to evolutionists, one likely to be forgotten and dismissed. The human race certainly is not 100,000 years old, closer to 8,000 years would be a bit more accurate. Regardless, we know there was an entire earth age before this one. You can learn more in our Bible study titled, “The World That Was, The First Earth Age“.

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Friday: Bible Q&A + Site Updates

Christian Cross Mountain Clouds

We will publish our latest edition of “Bible Question and Answer” on Friday and we invite you to participate by submitting your question and joining the discussion. Your questions can be Biblical in nature or concern world events and life in general. We will also address questions or comments about our Bible studies in this forum. You may submit your question by clicking the “Bible Q&A” link at the top of our site.

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U.S. Quits UN Human Rights Council, Saying It’s Anti-Israel

WEB Notes: This should be no surprise to the student of the Bible. You are going to see the current global structure fracture far more than this in the future. We will see parts of it merge and we will see it as a whole crumble. We discuss this from a Biblical perspective in, The Timeline of the Tribulation

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