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Pope’s Reported Comment To A Gay Man May Indicate A New Level Of Acceptance Of Homosexuality

WEB Notes: While this is a new report, this is actually old hat. This is not the first time he or the church has said something like this. Just do a search on our site for “Pope” and you can see some of the past headlines. One headline reads, “Pope Francis To Church: Accept Gays, Divorced Catholics“. Another reads, “Vatican Appointee Says Gay Sex Can Express Christ’s ‘Self-Gift’“…

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Pompeo Promises Strongest Sanctions In History On Iran

WEB Notes: Does this actually surprise anyone? Of course not. Iran held their end of the bargain, the US did not. Why?…

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US Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low: What’s Behind The Decline?

WEB Notes: They really do not provide any answers here. They mention the economy and that could be one reason. Another reason could be, as a people we are distracted by “life,” the things we perceive to be important…

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US, China Agree To Abandon Trade War

Washington and Beijing have agreed to abandon any trade war and back off from imposing tariffs on each other, Chinese state media reported Sunday.

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UN, EU Call For Global Action To Protect Bees

The United Nation’s food agency and the European Union on Saturday called for global action to protect pollinators, and bees in particular, which are crucial for ensuring food security.

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Trump Signs New Environmental Executive Order

WEB Notes: I am so tired of hearing about these illegal executive orders. These are decrees period. Any President can come up with their own decrees, this is not how this nation is supposed to be ran or operated.

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‘End Times Fatigue’: Evangelicals Find Biblical Case For Israel Less Compelling

WEB Notes: End times fatigue. When people believe the Return of Christ is next year, each and every year that will certainly bring about end times fatigue. If you continue reading this article at the source, this thought process left some abandoning their faith…

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Donald Trump’s Threat To Kim Jong-Un: Make A Deal Or Suffer Same Fate As Gaddafi

WEB Notes: This administration is full of warmongers. This is not negociating with good intensions and peace in mind. If you had a dispute with your neighbor, how willing would he be to ment the issue if you told him, ‘you make peace with me or I am going to come over there and kill you and your whole family‘? Do you think he is going to make peace with you or do you think it would further the fued?

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Santa Fe High School shooting: Suspect identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis

WEB Notes: Unfortunately, this is becoming all too common these days. When we push aside God and call for schools that are gun free, we really are not doing ourselves any favors. According to other media outlets the shooter displayed Nazi and Communist symbols. I have not yet found any reports stating a motive or reports of the shooter being on any form of drug.

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6.2 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS

Turkey Urges Islamic World To Unite Against Israel, Calls Summit

Turkey has urged Islamic countries to review their ties with Israel after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire on the Gaza border.

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E.U. Leaders Struggle To Save Iran Economic Ties From U.S. Sanctions

WEB Notes: This is one of many reasons why the children of Satan need a truly united order. So the globe as a whole is of one order.

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