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Date: January 16, 2018

10 Stories That Cut Through the Awful and Depressing Media Cycle to Inspire You

1) A homeless boy from Detroit, Michigan, had his Christmas wish come true when his family was able to move into a fully furnished home that, much to his delight, included a bed of his own. Watch him break down in tears of joy. It’s pretty incredible.

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New 30,000 Strong US-Backed Syria Force: Five Things You Should Know

WEB Notes: Nothing to see here, move along. Same ol US strategy of funding terrorism and once again, the US admits it

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Why Is Liberal California The Poverty Capital Of America?

WEB Notes: Liberal politics, open borders and now a sanctuary state all contribute to this. And if you dare try to help feed the homeless, watch out, here come the police!

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LGBT Activists Can’t See What’s Wrong With A 9-Year-Old Drag Queen

WEB Notes: These people are mentally disturbed and society trying to make it appear as if they are mentally stable is only adding to the problem. You do not argue with crazy people, but you do stand your ground and more importantly, you stand with God.

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DOW On Track For 200-Point Jump, Putting 26,000 Within Reach

WEB Notes: Another article explains, U.S. oil industry set to break record, upend global trade. The market maybe manipulated, but people are making a lot of real money out of it. Be-careful with your investments.

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What You Need to Know About the Government-Shutdown Fight

In recent years Congress has become accustomed to the constant threat of government shutdown, but no president had openly called for one until President Trump tweeted in May that perhaps “our country needs a good ‘shutdown.’

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