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Facebook Plans To Put A Microphone And Camera In Every Home

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WEB Notes: World, we have come to the age of the Jetson’s. Someone showed me a video ad of a new device. You lay your clothes on it and it plops them out at the bottom folded up. How about that!…

Now we have listening devices in our homes and most people think no different about it. It seems a little odd myself. My life is not so complicated that I need a device on stand by so I can order more chips when I run out.

But hey, maybe that is just me.

Facebook is set to enter the home device market this year with its first consumer hardware device.

According to sources close to the firm, the company will unveil a $499 (£370) video chat system to rival Amazon’s Echo Show in May.

Named ‘Portal’, it will feature a laptop-sized touchscreen and smart camera technology boosted by artificial intelligence.

However, privacy concerns have been raised as the device will have a camera and microphone – and could use Facebook’s facial recognition to identify people.

Source: Facebook to launch $500 video device ‘Portal’ this year | Daily Mail Online

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  1. And nobody thinks their smartphone does not have that camera and microphone capability already? ??

    It is where I work! It’s called Zonar! I call it Prizonar! Monitor’s everything we do by order of work. And every place we go! Coming to your occupation soon! Welcome to the Big Brother, I mean advancing… Beast system!

    • Nurses have something like that as well Todd. It is everywhere and yes our phones do it to us already as well. Only with these devices it is more accepting on the individuals part that they are being monitored which I find interesting.

  2. considering the additional data costs for this, or someone like me that has limited data, I won’t be getting one.

    • I don’t know if you were around a few years back, but we had an article about darpa admitting they can remotely control cars. There was a journalist who was killed and many raised questions.

      We posted about it I might paste those links in here.

      It makes you wonder looking forward.

      • Michael Hastings was his name. i have no doubt that his car accident was no accident after reading the independent investigation, a hard working journalist who knew to much. lets not forget about the 83 and counting Holistic Doctors that have mysteriously died or committed suicide or killed by home invasion in the last couple years, some are now are leaving the practice or are in hiding, this is a sad state of affairs and a wicked time we live in.

        My Super Smart cell phone spends most of its time in air plane mod, this means it doesn’t send or receive data from the net, i also turn off e-911 although my phone tells me its illegal to turn it off, then why is there an off button ?? i never do play by their rules! i just turn it off, this is just what i do to protect my privacy. It’s to bad i have to go through these measures to keep my curtains closed.

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