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GM Introduces A Self-Driving Car Without A Steering Wheel

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WEB Notes: Look how far we have come as a people. Can you really imagine this? So who is going to rush out and pick one up when they become available?

For 110 years, General Motors has been making cars with steering wheels and pedals. But that just changed.

The carmaker’s self-driving arm, Cruise Automation, on Friday unveiled the latest version of its autonomous vehicle — and the manual controls have been removed.

Cruise, which is based in San Francisco, expects to test the modified Chevy Bolt next year. Eventually, it should serve in ride-hailing services in cities across the U.S.

The autonomous cars currently being tested by major companies still have manual controls.

Source: GM introduces a self-driving car without a steering wheel – Jan. 12, 2018

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  1. And one little software glitch occurs, by whatever means that we see everyday! And whoa! Your car veer’s off into another lane! That can’t happen! Technology will be flawless! I promise!

    Lord have mercy! Be it deservingly so! That be the question? Hmmm!

    • We just had an article on here about this in part. Where with AI the vehicle could decide in a wreck who lives and who dies. Maybe one car carries an elderly person and the other car carriers a young family. It runs the algorithm and makes the decision to veer it off the road.

      • Correct! Wait till you see what level artificial intelligence is really at!!! It’s here! I have seen the models in discussion with each other. And in certain circumstances what they have said will scare the bageebies out of you! What they would do to resolve the issues in the world! All I can say is in all faith! I know God’s plan will supercede this future plan of man! If it were not to be! We would be in big trouble for advancing this technological evil amongst ourselves at our own demise! The ultimate objective of man/science in excluding God and achieving immortality! Is to transfer our mind/spirit as a download into an artificial human! Just keep your battery charged! And live forever! Wow! Thing is! They may refuse and keep their own A.I. !! Science can sure be stupid at times!? Never play God! One Satan is enough! No more!

  2. i really wonder if a lot of this technology is made up and telling us things that are in fact not true?

    • It’s certainly true. They have been testing it for years. Go jump in a new vehicle and check out the technology! It’s amazing, truly amazing. Test drives are free! ? Come on, I’m not telling folks to go play at the car lot. ?

      Happy Friday!

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