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Jack in the Box CEO: Swapping Cashiers For Robots ‘Makes Sense’ Due To Minimum Wage Increase

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WEB Notes: When you raise the minimum wage, think about it now. When that rate goes up, it means the cost of goods and other services must also go up to support the new “minimum” wage. Look minimum wage jobs are not career gigs people. They were meant for young people to get a start in life. From there you work hard and you leave those places, you have to use your mind in life to the best of your ability…

Companies are always going to look out for their profit margin and can you blame them? If they cannot make a profit they go out of business, plain and simple.

Now a separate aspect to this would be corporate greed and we certainly see that as well.

The CEO of fast-food restaurant Jack in the Box said “it just makes sense” to replace cashiers with robots due to the minimum wage increase in California.

“As we see the rising costs of labor, it just makes sense” to swap cashiers with kiosks where customers can order their food themselves, CEO Leonard Comma said Tuesday at the ICR Conference in Orlando, Fla., Business Insider reported.

Source: Jack in the Box CEO: Swapping cashiers for robots ‘makes sense’ due to minimum wage increase | Fox News

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  1. I earned my degree in French Fry engineering at Jack In The Box University! Which I think you should pay for! My Professor told me their that wealth distribution is the fair way and means! And you don’t know what your talking about! Bernie was right!?

    Just kidding! Turn the crank! You never know what might pop up? Joke for the day! Sad, but true!??

  2. I think free market is better than socialism/communism from atheism. People are blind because they want to be or because they have been miss-taught. This will not get better. So I’m with “Jack”, it makes sense.

    • It does make sense. Communism etc is certainly not the answer, but neither is the system we have. When 85 people have more wealth than 3.5 billion people. Something is wrong, really wrong. It’s what we have so do what you can do to get ahead. God will have a much better system, I think we all know that!

      • yes. But I do think of Solomon, and that we will always have the poor. I better smooth this over: do I think the Church should do a better job of taking care of the infirmed and widows? Of course…..and I also wish our govt would do a better job of it and more in line with our Father’s teaching. Standards are relative: I know many on welfare that have a tv in every room, for example, or a cell phone, or booze, or cigs, or fancy fingernails.

  3. who even eats fast food anymore? with all the diseases going around, you are taking your life in your own hands, someone still has to make it and bag it. i wouldn’t even go to a nice place to dine anymore.

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