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Date: February 1, 2018

Franklin Graham: Senate Vote On Abortion Keeps U.S. ‘Among The Worst 7 Countries In The World’

WEB Notes: Good job Mr. Graham. Call it how it is. It is amazing to me that so many of our Christian organizations stay silent on issues like this. If more of them stood up and allowed their voices to be heard, we could and would make a difference.

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Homelessness In L.A. Increases 75% In Six Years To 55,000 People

WEB Notes: Do you remember some of the conversations we had about this subject recently? Illegals have flooded Los Angels and they happen to be one if the not homeless capital of our nation.

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Facebook Usage In North America Drops For First Time

WEB Notes: Are some people actually turning off social media?

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Be On Your Best Behavior Because Thousands Of Security Cameras Will Show Super Bowl Activity

Yes, the Super Bowl public safety team is watching you.

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To Deal With a Flu Onslaught, Emergency Rooms Expand Into Waiting Rooms

WEB Notes: Now let me see here. The flu shot was pushed on the public once again, some employers forced it on their employees and it seems “the shot” let the people down. Imagine that. Learn about vaccines.

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In a Major Free Speech Victory, a Federal Court Strikes Down a Law that Punishes Supporters of Israel Boycott

WEB Notes: Once in a while we receive a victory in the courts, we have to be thankful for that. Everyone should have the right to free speech, whether or not you agree with them.

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Russia: No US Proof That Iran Supplying Arms To Yemen

WEB Notes: Back and forth we go. The US says yes, Russia says no.

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Mattis Considers Cellphone Ban At Pentagon

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is considering banning all cell phones and personal electronic devices such as FitBits from the Pentagon, defense officials confirmed Wednesday.

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Alan Greenspan Says There Are Bubbles In Both Stocks And Bonds

India’s Only Gay Prince Is Opening His Palace Up As A Lgbt Sanctuary

WEB Notes: This perverted behavior has quite literally spread the globe and become mainstream for the most part at this point in time. I was just glancing over articles we posted in the past of Asian countries who have also become accepting of it. Just because man makes something “mainstream” does not mean God does.

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