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Date: February 2, 2018

Bible Question And Answer For 2-2-2018

Bible Question and Answer

Bible Question And Answer

Bible Q&A Summary:

  1. What Is Your Opinion Of Apocryphal Books Like Enoch?
  2. Is There Biblical Justification For Tithing?

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US Accuses Syria Of Chemical Weapons Use In East Ghouta

WEB Notes: It seems like the US makes these accusations about one a month. Yet, no one seems to be buying the line. Let us not forget it has been the US who has bombed villages and hospitals in Syria. The fact of the matter, the US has no business being in Syria. Our troops should be at home with their family and friends. But this is about globalism, combining the world into one government, the fulfillment of the sixth kingdom.

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US Forces Arrive In Israel As Tensions Rise Between Tel Aviv, Beirut

US troops have arrived in Israel to take part in a major joint military exercise with Israeli forces – as tensions with Hezbollah move from a simmer to a boil.

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Meteorites Brought Water To Earth During The First Two Million Years

WEB Notes: The fact of the matter is these scientists simply have theories. None of this is concrete, it is all guesswork. How I have a hard time with someone who goes at such great lengths to prove how we got here, when the answers begin in the beginning, Genesis 1.

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6.0 Magnitude Earthquake PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE


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