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Date: February 7, 2018 (page 1 of 2)

Friday: How Can You Obtain Wisdom?

We will publish our latest Bible study titled, “How Can You Obtain Wisdom?” this Friday, February 9th.

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U.S. Must Accept A New, Multipolar World Order, Russian Foreign Minister Says

WEB Notes: World leaders have been calling for a change to the global structure for years and years now. The US is the primary power, there is no way around it. If it were not for the United States there would be no NATO, UN or many other global entities. We have documented that several times on our site…

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Dow Turns 567-Point Loss Into 567-Point Gain As Stocks Rally

WEB Notes: Come on. It is almost like someone is playing a numbers game with us now. -666, led to a huge -1175 drop Monday. Tuesday the market was down -567 and rose to close +567. That is a 1134 point swing in a single day. Maybe they will end it with 321 today. What a shell game. All of the kings horses and all of the kings men cannot seem to put the stock market back together again…

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China Moves 300,000 Troops Closer to North Korean Border

China is reportedly moving missile defense batteries and troops closer to its border with North Korea, a potential sign that Beijing anticipates either a large refugee wave north or a military disturbance triggered by the belligerence of communist dictator Kim Jong-un.

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Why is Everyone Getting So Sick This Time?

WEB Notes: This year’s flu shot has a 10% effectiveness rate. Yet, the companies selling these drugs rake in 100% profit. How long do you think you would be employed if you only completed 10% of your work? Or if your work was only 10% effective toward completing goals… Well my friend, you would not be around very long. But hey, forget about that, run out and get the ol jab because 10% is 10%. On a more serious note, learn about vaccines.

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Israel Planes Fire On Positions In Damascus Syria

WEB Notes: Another day, another Israeli strike on Syria. I find it amazing that Basher Assad has held onto power as long as he has.

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Germany: ‘Grand Coalition’ Deal Reached After 24Hrs Of Talks …But New Govt Still Awaits Approval

Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc has finalized a deal with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) to form a new German government after 24 hours of negotiations, according to reports.

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World’s Largest ETF Hit By Biggest Four-Day Outflow On Record

WEB Notes: ETF’s are “electronically traded funds” and they cover a range of investment options including electronic gold and oil. I am sure those in the know pulled their money at the top.

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U.S. Solar Industry Lost Nearly 10,000 Jobs In 2017

WEB Notes: Keep reading the report. You will see tax credits are involved of course. So the solar industry is subsidized by you, I mean the US government. You should also know, in order to qualify for the credit you have to connect your solar system in a certain fashion that keeps you from using it in an off the grid format.

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Pentagon: Afghan War Costing US $45 Billion Per Year

WEB Notes: $45 billion a year for 17 years. This is the forgotten war and who even knows what it is about? If you ask me it would seem it is about opium. I see no other logical reason for our men and woman to be in Afghanistan especially at a cost of $45 billion a year.

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Turkey Detains 449 People for Criticizing Invasion of Syria on Social Media

WEB Notes: Where is the public outcry from organizations like NATO? Turkey is a part of NATO after all. It would seem this is desired behavior by global powers and that should come as no surprise to us.

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Illegal Immigrant Urinating In Public Slashes Man Who Objected, Cops Say

WEB Notes: These are the headlines from third world nations, not the United States… Apparently, things are changing.

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