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Date: February 12, 2018

Israel Launches Heavy Strikes In Syria After F-16 Downed

WEB Notes: The details are in this post. Iran is saying they did not send a drone into Israel. It makes little sense for them to do so, what do they have to gain? Not a whole lot. Regardless, Israel did in fact attack more Syrian and Iranian positions within Syria…

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Israel: Russia Won’t Abide Iran’s Presence In Syria For Long

Housing Minister Yoav Galant, a member of the high-level security cabinet, cautiously predicts Moscow will ultimately seek to uproot the growing Iranian military presence in Syria.

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World Government Summit: IMF’s Christine Lagarde praises Arab nations

WEB Notes: She means, they are inline with globalism. Good countries like Egypt borrowed $12 billion in the form of a bailout. Once you go into debt bondage to the global bankers, you will have a real tough time coming out. Regardless, these nations are already a part of the current global structure.

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Flu Season: Why Are People Dying From It?

WEB Notes: So about 48% of the adult population received the flu shot. You can also look at the CDCs data as well. Now some of you may be thinking, I am hearing a lot of stories about this flu season, what is going on?…

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Justin Trudeau Corrects Constituent: It’s Not ‘Mankind,’ It’s ‘Peoplekind’

WEB Notes: Gender, gender. Gender, blender. This reminds me, starting in 2011 the NIV Bible went this route as well. Substituting he/she for people, etc. It ruins the identity of the people and blurs lines. Ol Justin came in on the wrong ferry and should go back to wherever it is he came from.

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U.S. Talks With North Korea: Mike Pence Signals Change of White House Strategy

WEB Notes: What happened to, “the sword stands ready“?

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House Committee Passes Bill Expanding Firearm Prohibitions

WEB Notes: Oregon continues to become extremely liberal. The rights of the people should be restored, not further removed from their grasp.

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Iraq: Reconstruction Will Cost $88.2 Billion

WEB Notes: Can you even fathom that kind of money? How many people have been killed? Some estimates say millions.

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