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Date: February 14, 2018 (page 1 of 2)

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National Debt Jumps $175 Billion After Debt Ceiling Suspended

WEB Notes: You remember yesterday’s article? “Feds Collect Record Taxes In First Month Under Tax Cut; Run Surplus In January“. Since when does the government have a surplus right? When they stop counting the debt. So as we can see from this article, once that tally started rolling again we see the debt numbers pile back up. How some in the media like to manipulate the numbers. Tax Cut + Increased Spending = Broke.

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Court Orders Full Restoration Of DACA Program

WEB Notes: This guy must be a communist. “He even used Mr. Trump’s own tweets as evidence that the DACA program was ended precipitously“. Who would have thought. Twitter used in a court of law. Notice the picture the article source uses. Respectible looking Mexican folks with a cross and reciting the pledge of alligence…

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Why Do Christians Wear Ashes On Ash Wednesday?

WEB Notes: This is simply church tradition. Nothing is found in the Bible to support this. There is nothing wrong with it in of itself, but do not believe God is requesting this from you…

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Cash Is King No More In Germany As Plastic Money Gains Ground

WEB Notes: It is a mistake for people to give up cash absolutely. Digital money is great, it is simple and easy. However, there is always a need for cash. Always and whether you realize it or not, it is a part of your freedom.

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Macron: ‘France Will Strike’ in Syria if Chemical Weapon Use Proven

WEB Notes: I do not think this guy got the memo.

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Mattis: US Has No Evidence Of Syrian Use Of Sarin Gas

WEB Notes: The United Nations removed all of Syria’s chemical weapons back in 2013 along with the facilities that created them. You folks remember that right?

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Market Alert For CPI Inflation Report That Could Change Everything

WEB Notes: Sometimes I think the world is a bigger shell game than I even realize. I mean who in their right mind does not understand inflation has risen dramatically over the years? Who in their right mind does not understand artificially low-interest rates keep the system up?…

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Insider Trading Is Still Rampant On Wall Street, Two News Studies Suggest

WEB Notes: It is not just America, but other nations as well. The game is rigged and those on the inside certainly take advantage of it. So you do the right thing and pay all of your taxes and they will keep rigging and taking advantage of the markets.

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FAO: Iraq Lost 40% Of Its Agricultural Production

WEB Notes: So is Iraq better off now, or when murderous Saddam was in power? You tell me. In the 90s during the build-up to the war, I remember them showing video footage of a guy being pushed off a roof and that was proof of Saddam’s horrible rule…

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Middle East Governments Are Cutting Their Military Budgets Even As Wars Rage Around The Region

WEB Notes: Sure, why not! The US is the world’s police force. They just upped the military budget for overseas entanglements.

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Israel’s Netanyahu Rejects Calls To Resign After Police Seek Indictment

WEB Notes: Between him and his wife, they are in a bunch of hot water these days.

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