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Date: February 20, 2018 (page 1 of 2)

NFL Star Benjamin Watson: We’re Suffering the Consequences of Removing God From Public Sphere

WEB Notes: This concerns the recent school shooting and trying to root out the real underlying problem. Benjamin’s input is appreciated. When you identify that God being removed from our nation is the core issue, then one can come to understand why we have so many problems. Good job sir.

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Iran: We Will Flatten Tel Aviv If Attacked 

WEB Notes: What else are they supposed to say and/or do? Israeli’s Bibi constantly provokes and threatens Iran. Notice Iran’s comments are always in self-defense, while Israel’s are offensive in nature. Listen to the points the  Iranian FM made yesterday.

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More Bombs Fall On Syria’s Ghouta After Heaviest Toll In Years

WEB Notes: So you know, we are talking about Damascus here. They told us the war is over, yet 190 have died and 850 injured since Sunday. This article leaves out much needed information. Syria certainly did not just kill their own people. It seems we are once again building up support to oust Syria’s elected President Basher Assad.

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Kentucky Gov. Bevin: We Have to Look at What Has Changed in Society; It Isn’t the Gun

WEB Notes: Bravo to the Kentucky Governor. He simply applies common sense to the subject which many in our day are unable to do. Firearms do not kill people, people kill people. It the decision of the individual. Someone could just as easily run people over with a vehicle. Does that make vehicles evil? Of course not.

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Ancient Human Remains, Ice Age Animal Bones Found In Giant Mexican Cave

WEB Notes: Do you notice these type of articles never include photos? It makes one wonder why. I can see bones dating back to roughly 7,000 years ago, during the sixth-day creation, but not much further back than that. The earth is certainly older than 6,000 years old and the Bible documents that fact.

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Fake Videos Are On The Rise. As They Become More Realistic, Seeing Shouldn’t Always Be Believing

WEB Notes: I have often thought this type of technology could be used to deceive people in the future from a religious perspective.

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US Treasury Posts Gigantic $1.16 Trillion Shortfall in Fiscal 2017, Hilariously Points Out “Where We Are Headed”

Just add tax cuts and ballooning expenditures. The media chose to silence the report to death.
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Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: Mysterious 200-year-old Storm May Be About to End

A ferocious storm has battered Jupiter for at least 188 years. From Earth, it is observed as red swirling clouds racing counter-clockwise in what is known as the planet’s “Great Red Spot.” But after shrinking for centuries, it may now be on the brink of disappearing for good.

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Since Standing Rock, 56 Bills Have Been Introduced in 30 States to Restrict Protests

On February 23 of last year, a day when the frozen ground had started to turn to mud, law-enforcement officers rolled into the Oceti Sakowin camp near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota.

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‘It Just Didn’t Feel Right’: Vigilant Flight Attendant Saves Two Teen Girls From Sex Trafficking Plot

WEB Notes: Very nice to see something like this stopped beforehand. Very disturbing to understand two young girls did not have enough disipline in their life and would do something like this.

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Wild Weather: Record Cold West, Record Warm East, Flooding In The Center

WEB Notes: During the course of the last five years or so, the normal weather is a thing of the past. In California, there are severe droughts almost years now and spring arrives in January to February.

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US Army Drops Grenade Throwing As A Requirement To Graduate Because New Recruits Can’t Throw Far Enough

WEB Notes: We had some other articles recently explaining how recruits today simply cannot meet the basic requirements and due to that the requirements are thrown out or downsized. That should tell you there is a big problem with the people of today. What has changed from years prior? Food, drugs, education, you name it.

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