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Date: February 22, 2018

I Bought A Military Rifle When I Was Nine. There Were No Mass Shootings

WEB Notes: There is a lot of things to consider with this topic. Many years ago these type of things did not happen. Then people thought it was a good idea to remove God from our schools and vocabulary. We thought it was a good idea to dope up our children if they showed emotion. We thought it was a good idea to produce video games and movies filled with violence so we became desensitized to it. Maybe what we have done was wrong… (Read the article from the source)

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Venezuelans Report Big Weight Losses In 2017 As Hunger Hits

WEB Notes: I realize things are bad in Venezuela, but how much of this is exaggerated? We know the current global structure would love to absorb Venezuela, that is no secret. The people in the photos do not appear to be starving to me. Further, the article mentions, ‘the people woke up hungry because they did not have money to buy food’. Either that is poor writing or someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. I wake up hungry because it is breakfast time. Maybe I am the only critter that happens too.

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Why Are Christians In The West Fleeing Church?

WEB Notes: Read the article from the source. It is interesting to read how many churches are run by the state. Exactly what message do you expect to hear there? Whatever agenda the state has at that point in time, not necessarily what God has to say. In the US many churches are 501c3, which means they are tax exempt as long as they do not say anything negative about the government or their policies.

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Fed Officials Say Economy Is Ready for Higher Rates

WEB Notes: Something to think about… We know the low rates have been artificially created in order to prop up the markets. That is obvious as day. So since it has worked so well and “helped” everyone out, why raise them at all? Raising the rates helps who? The banks, not the little guy.

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Israel to seize 5,000 dumans of West Bank land in Tulkarm

WEB Notes: These guys are always stealing land from the Palestinians and they wonder why there is no peace? They know exactly why. You cannot go over to your neighbors house and poke him in the eye and expect a warm welcome from him.

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Poll: Adults Who Want More Gun Control Least Likely to Have Taken an ‘Active Shooter’ Preparedness Class

WEB Notes: Who cares! How about we take a common sense course? How many people are going to sign up for that slick? “Active Shooter” courses are brainwashing courses and condition the population to such events. Well count me in the 21% group there buddy, but of a certainty I would be able to handle myself just fine due to something we call the second amendment.

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U.N. Pleads For Truce To Avert ‘Massacre’ As Strikes Hit Syria’s Ghouta For Fifth Day

WEB Notes: This whole thing is absolutely out of control. So many people have died in the manufactured war in the middle east it is simply staggering.

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Iran Says May Withdraw From Nuclear Deal If Banks Continue To Stay Away

WEB Notes: More evidence that Iran is not a part of the current global structure despite this so-called “nuclear deal”. The deal is, in essence, a figment of our imagination. The children of Satan want the leaders of Iran out and they want to replace them with leaders who will go along with the global agenda.

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Trump Tweets: ‘A “Gun Free” School Is A Magnet For Bad People’

WEB Notes: The media outlet goes on to make light of Trump’s tweets which are included in this post. Of course, he is 100% spot on here. To this day, I have never ever meet a single person in my life who thought a “gun free school” was a good idea. So where do all these ideas come from then? Obviously, the mainstream media.

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36 School-Related Attacks Committed By Those Under The Influence Of Psychiatric Drugs

Persecution Of Christians Swells In Nigeria

Several incidents of Christian persecution in the past few months have cemented Nigeria as a difficult place for Christians to live.

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