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Date: February 27, 2018 (page 1 of 2)

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake NEW GUINEA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA

California Communists Seek Private And Homeschool Oversight

WEB Notes: Remember the article about people leaving California? Yes, it is tied to this and so many other outrageous policies. It makes ones head spin! Due to a couple wack job parents who mistreated and imprisoned their 13 children, the California Commies now want to regulate all private and homeschoolers under the guise of “fire protection”…

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George Soros And Philadelphia Justice

When veteran civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner sought the Democrat nomination for District Attorney of Philadelphia, he reportedly had the financial backing of progressive billionaire George Soros. Krasner, who has sued the Philadelphia Police Department approximately 75 times, seemed an unlikely candidate. But a $1.2 million contribution from Soros made Krasner unbeatable. Never before had a candidate for District Attorney had this much cash to take care of the ward leaders, the advertising and all the other expenses of a traditionally low voter turn out race.

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More Americans Now Support A Universal Basic Income

WEB Notes: Of course the percentage has gone up. The masses are glued to their digital devices and so are their children. All they consume is what the media tells them and that is what they regurgitate. Rarely will you find an original thought these days…

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85% Of Americans Unhappy With Congress, Most Think It Serves Lobbyists, Not The People

WEB Notes: The approval numbers have been at this level for years. Yet year after year we vote the bums back in. Why? Well, my guy is a Republican and your guy is a Democrat. My guy is good and your guy is bad. In reality they all stink. Is that not as plain as day by now? Look at the debt levels of our nation and the removal of our rights. Yet, we as a nation continue to play “political football”.

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Syria Conflict: Women ‘Sexually Exploited In Return For Aid’

WEB Notes: These people are the lowest life forms on the plant. Who in their right mind would take advantage of someone like this in return for life-saving aid? It makes one sick to their stomach. The people of Syria were a lot better off before the West invaded their land.

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Americans Are Voting With Their Feet For Economic Freedom

WEB Notes: California is shedding taxpayers at an alarming rate. People are sick and tired of the liberal agenda that is taking place here. Believe it or not, the state has a lot of conservative based Christians. True conservative people who can no longer live under the imposing government they find themselves.

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Google Not Obligated To Vet Websites, German Court Rules

WEB Notes: This rule does not stop search engines from removing content. It just keeps them from filtering out results “ahead of time”. Read the last paragraph below, they still can remove sites that receive complaints.

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Coinbase Tells 13,000 Customers Their Data Will Go To IRS

WEB Notes: A part of digital currencies allure is that it is not traceable, it is private, if such a thing still exists. This does not effect all users, only some.

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California OKs Autonomous Car Testing Without Backup Drivers

WEB Notes: What an amazing time we live in. Vehicles that can drive themselves? How many of you would actually own one?

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Diesel Ban Approved For German Cities To Cut Pollution

WEB Notes: They always go after a few older vehicles as if that will actually reduce pollution by any significant amount. How about go after the corporations and look at how the government itself pollutes.

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Man Armed With AR-15 Stops Attack By Neighbor In Oswego

WEB Notes: It started with a knife. Even if they ban firearms, there will always be a way to obtain a weapon. The man with the rifle stopped what could have otherwise been a deadly attack.

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