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Bible Question And Answer For 2-16-2018

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Bible Question and Answer

Bible Question And Answer

Bible Q&A Summary:

  1. Was Cain A Giant?
  2. Is War With Iran Found In The Bible?
  3. Why Does The Euphrates River Dry Up?

Welcome to our bi-weekly post Bible Question and Answer where we provide Bible verses, answers and advice to the questions and concerns you have. During the course of the last two weeks readers have submitted their questions and today we are going to answer one of them. So please join us and feel free to chime in on the discussion in the comments section.

Before we get into this week’s questions we would like to point out that you are helping to spread the Word of God by your continued submission of questions. Due to your ongoing participation, these Bible Q&A posts have been read thousands of times. Without your participation, this section of our site would not exist.

If you have a Biblical or non-Biblical question you would like to ask, submit it now for our next edition of “Bible Question and Answer“.

Bible Question and Answer

Question 1:

Name: Leidi P.
Question: If Satan had sex with Eve and Cain was his son, was Cain a giant just as when the angels had sex with the daughter of men?


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Thank you for the question Leidi.

For new readers, we encourage you to read our study, “The Garden of Eden: The Origins of Satan’s Seed” so you can understand what we are discussing.

From the Bible study just mentioned, we know without a doubt a sexual act took place in the Garden of Eden. We are adults here, eating an apple did not cause Adam and Eve to cover their private parts with fig leaves, nor did eating an apple cause Eve to have intense labor pains when bearing children. So we must search the scriptures in order to identify what truly happened.

Leidi, unfortunately, we cannot document in the Bible an answer to this question. It simply is not written whether or not Cain was a giant.

However, as you pointed out, we know the angels who left Heaven and came to earth had sexual relations with the daughters of men, and their children certainly were giants (Genesis 6:1-4, Jude 1:6). So likewise, I do feel that Cain was most likely a giant as well.

Additional Reading:



Question 2:

Name: Faithful
Question: I thought I read it somewhere in Daniel about sneaking up behind them, is it in Gods word that Iran will be fought? Thank you.


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Faithful, thank you for the question.

I did not follow the first part of the question, sorry about that.

We wrote about Iran in our study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. I do believe in the book of Daniel it is discussing a great conflict that will take place with Iran. If we truly think about it, a conflict with Iran has been underway since 1979 and it continues to escalate as the years go by.

I would encourage you to read the entire Timeline series, but in order to document your answer, please read Chapter 2 titled, “The Ram and the He Goat“.



Question 3:

Name: Estella
Question: Dear Brandon thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing! I have a question about the river Euphrates where it has dried up would you please expound on that give us some information on that please thank you and God bless


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Thank you for the question Estella and you are very welcome. We thank our Father who makes it all possible.

You will have a better understanding of the subject matter if you have read our study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

Please turn your Bible with me too,

Revelation 16:12
12 “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.”

This event will transpire during the Tribulation of Satan and what we just read is merely symbolic in nature. Think about it, kings or leaders of nations no longer need a river to dry up in order to cross it. They have planes to fly over it, boats to float over it and bridges to drive over it.

There are only seven vials, the fifth vial is poured on “the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness(Revelation 16:10). Obviously, this occurs to Satan’s kingdom as he is the “Beast” and this happens at or just after the “Midst of the Week“. This is no doubt due to the witnessing of the Saints and the Two Witnesses.

When the Sixth Vial is poured out, we are literally on the doorsteps of Christ’s return.

Symbolic Example

On one level we can think about a semi-symbolical line between “good” and “bad“. Typically, we think of the Israelites as being “good” since they were chosen by God to carry His Message to the world.

On the other side (in part) of that river we have the “bad“, Babylon which was a heathen nation full of idolatrous practices and certainly symbolic of Satan.

So when the Euphrates river is dried up, essentially the line between “good” and “bad” is blurred, and/or is no longer present. The great book of Timothy tells us in the last days things will be flipped upside down. Good is bad and bad is good (2 Timothy 3:1-7). Isaiah also provides another witness to that fact (Isaiah 5:20).

Today, the world is ruled by the sixth kingdom, which is the children of Satan’s kingdom. There is no “good” or “bad” side, if there ever was (see link below, Babylon was built on both sides of the Euphrates).

However, we should understand the events of the Sixth Vial transpire deep into the Tribulation, certainly after the “Midst of the Week“.

Historic Example

In a historic example, I am reminded how Cyrus and the Persians (3rd kingdom) conquered Babylon (2nd kingdom) which was actually located on both sides of the Euphrates, not just the east side.

“In 539 BCE the empire fell to the Persians under Cyrus the Great at the Battle of Opis. Babylon’s walls were impregnable and so the Persians cleverly devised a plan whereby they diverted the course of the Euphrates River so that it fell to a manageable depth. While the residents of the city were distracted by one of their great religious feast days, the Persian army waded the river and marched under the walls of Babylon unnoticed.” – Ancient History: Babylon

This historical account reminds me of the prophecy found in Jeremiah 51 which we cover in Chapter 8 of “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. As you read Jeremiah 51, understand it is prophecy yet to be fulfilled, in part, which will be completely fulfilled by our Father’s Saints. We will document that fact in Chapter 8 of the same study.

Modern Day Example

I am also reminded of an article I recently read. I want to share a few excerpts from it with you.

“The Tigris-Euphrates basin is losing groundwater faster than any other place on earth except India.”

By the 2020s,” Moutaz Al-Dabbas, a professor of water resources and the environment at the University of Baghdad, told me, “there will be no water at all during the summer in the Euphrates. It will be an environmental catastrophe.”

“The seemingly endless fight against ISIS, and the massive psychic and physical damage inflicted on Iraq over years of conflict, mean that seemingly less urgent challenges—such as saving the Euphrates—are likely to remain neglected. “The people are not thinking about the water, they are thinking about the war,” Al-Dabbas acknowledged sadly. It was time, he said, for the government to swing into action. The Euphrates needed “good management, legislation and enforcement,” he told me, if it was to be saved. It needed “a third party, like the USA,” to help drag Turkey and Syria to the bargaining table to work out a deal for equitable distribution of upstream water.”

“Without these things, he fears, the Euphrates will soon be reduced to a barren, dusty riverbed, and the countless Iraqis who depend on it will find their very survival jeopardized. “This is a crisis,” he said, “but nobody is paying attention to it.” – Smithsonian Mag

While I opened this answer explaining how Revelation 16:12 is symbolic in nature, that is not to say our Father would not send us a physical sign, something we can see with our own eyes and reference.

Considering where the fulfillment of prophecy stands today, this was certainly an interesting read. This is only something to ponder and consider.

Prophetic Example

Now back to Revelation 16:12.

Why is the river Euphrates symbolically dried up? So the kings of the “east” can cross over.

Who are these kings of the “east” and why do they want to cross over?

First, we should understand this word “east” is Strong’s word G395 and it means, “rising of light” or “the rising of the sun” which naturally rises in the “east“. So this does not necessarily mean these kings literally come from the east. Remember, we are dealing with symbology here and “the whole world lieth in wickedness“, not just part of it (1 John 5:19).

From scripture we know one of Satan’s many names is “Lucifer” which means, “brightness, the morning star” (Isaiah 14:12).

What is the “morning star” then?

Obviously, it is the sun.

Are you starting to see a connection?

These are kings of the earth who are essentially kings of “the rising of the sun”, kings of “the morning star”.

They are Satan’s kings, the Clay kings of the sixth kingdom that we learned about in Chapter 1 of “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. Satan will make a covenant with these kings at the beginning of the week that we learned about in Chapter 6 of the same study.

Remember, the second beast mentioned in Revelation 13:11 is, in fact, Satan and he has two horns, one for the sixth and one for the seventh kingdom that he controls.

Why are these kings going to symbolically cross over the Euphrates?

Revelation 16:14 explains, “to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.”

I have no doubt in my mind, just before the Two Witnesses are killed, they will tell the inhabitants of the earth they will rise from the dead in 3.5 days, and when they do, Christ and His angels are going to appear to end Satan’s reign (Revelation 11).

Satan will successfully rally the people of the earth, the Clay kings (sixth kingdom) and the Iron kings (seventh kingdom) against Jesus Christ and His Armies. Yet, Satan and his armies will be utterly defeated, (Revelation 16, 18, Ezekiel 38,39).

Our King does not fail, He has the victory and He Lives and Reigns Forever. Amen.

Additional Reading:


We would like to thank our Father for giving us this platform in order to spread His most precious Word. We would also like to thank our readers for submitting their questions and giving us the opportunity to share them with the audience. If you would like to ask a question submit it for the next edition of this post and continue the discussion by leaving a comment below. Previous editions of Bible Question and Answer can be found in our archive.

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