WEB Notes: Read the article from the source. It is interesting to read how many churches are run by the state. Exactly what message do you expect to hear there? Whatever agenda the state has at that point in time, not necessarily what God has to say. In the US many churches are 501c3, which means they are tax exempt as long as they do not say anything negative about the government or their policies.

Some are going to say, church is for talking about God, not the government.

True, to a degree.

There are times when other issues need to be addressed. When your rights as a citizen are being encroached upon, or other civil acts like the latest school shooting, do you just remain silent and allow it? Do we as Christians stay silence and not address the root cause?

I hope not.

Our Christian leaders need to make a stand and tell us what the Bible says about government fascism and topics such as self defense.

After all, God’s Word is far more important than man’s.

Something has gone seriously wrong with Christianity in the West. Research shows that church attendance is dropping dramatically, the strongest Christians leave the churches as institutionalized religion seems selfishly most preoccupied with “God bless me and make me rich.” People in general rightfully complain about Christian hypocrisy and lack of empathy and action as solidarity crumbles in society right outside the church’s doorstep.

Let’s look at the depressing statistics from Europe and question whether Christians can thank themselves for the horrifying development. According to the 2008 ISSP study addressing patterns of religion in Europe, only 2 percent attend church service regularly. This is quite a number, especially considering that according to Pew Research Forum, 75 percent in Europe state that they believe in God, Jesus and the metaphysical dimension. In the ultra-liberal Netherlands, only 1.2 percent attend church regularly. A 2007 report indicated, even there, that as high as 43 percent of the Dutch population consider themselves to be Christians. These numbers would be much higher if not for the approximately 1 million Muslims who live in the Netherlands, as well as Hindus, Buddhists and others. Considering the extensive cultural and religious antagonism that has characterized the public sphere since the 1970s, it is amazing that so many Dutch still describe themselves as believers.

Source: Why are Christians in the West fleeing church?


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