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Flu Season: Why Are People Dying From It?

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WEB Notes: So about 48% of the adult population received the flu shot. You can also look at the CDCs data as well. Now some of you may be thinking, I am hearing a lot of stories about this flu season, what is going on?…

There has been a lot of reports of flu illness. It happens every year folks, it is sort of like Spring. It comes around every year believe it or not.

So this year, they are saying 63 people died of the flu. What they are not telling you is what was the health condition of these people before they died? Were they elderly? Did they have a pre-existing condition, etc?

It sounds like a lot of racket for 63 deaths. Look, if that death happened to you or your family it is devistating, we all get that. But such national coverage for 63 deaths?

I want you to ponder something for a moment.

Do you realize 4,500 Americans are killed each and every year due to… Vehicles! Wait now, I do not mean auto accidents. I am talking about pedestians. That is right, 4,500 Americans who like to walk are killed by cars every year.

Is that a breaking news event? Nope. Have you ever heard of such a report until this post? Probably not. So where is the outcry. Look folks, we could come up with a million other things, chainsaw accidents, you name it.

You know what the big difference is? There is no money to be made by reporting about 4,500 people a year being killed walking their kid to school. Nope, not a buck and therefore it is not important.

So the next time someone tells you how bad the flu season is and how important it is to get a shot. Tell them about the 4,500 people who were killed and never mentioned.

As far as flu seasons go, experts are saying the levels of visits to hospitals and emergency rooms for this one are comparable to the 2009 swine flu.

As such, reports of otherwise healthy or young people dying from the infection are flying around. The stories have been shocking, especially because many of these people were outside the high-risk groups for flu-related death that include pregnant women, small children and the elderly.

So far in the 2017-2018 season, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded 63 pediatric deaths. This compares to 110 deaths in 2016-2017, 93 in 2015-2016 and 148 in 2014-2015.

Source: Flu season: Why are people dying from it?

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  1. You know as a child I got the flu my siblings did kids in school did ..we drank liquids and slept and amazingly in a couple days we were well again NO VACCINES no fear mongering. Fast forward to Now FAKE news hyping hysteria weak sheep minded people lining up for the flu shot that may be effective and only by 10%. Spoke to a nurse friend in Pgh. after I saw a hospital she worked at had erected a tent for all the flu cases ..according to her the tents were empty !!!

  2. Hive mentality is sad. Here, they swallow big pharma bull stuff hook line and sinker. It’s no wonder, they lack wisdom because they don’t listen to our/their Father.

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