WEB Notes: I read Trump’s comments the other day about Christianity. I know he has a lot of spiritual advisers around him. We have all seen the photos of them praying and touching him, acts that truely disturb me…

Those are show tactics, not true Christian acts. One of his spiritual advisers recently asked for donations and said otherwise God might punish those who do not donate to her. So hopefully you can spot a sham when you see one.

At the sametime, I have been around a lot of different types of Christians. Many different faiths and beliefs. I can tell you, people who grow up in environments of “laying hands”, “speaking in tonges” etc, really believe the shows they see.

They serve a church that provides a very watered down version of Christianity and due to that the “believers” never recieve any milk and true teachings of God.

Trump may very well be caught up in that boat as well. In one breath he tells us how great God is and in the next he tells us he has never sinned. He tells us how the founding of this nation was inspired by Christ and then holds up signs supporting homosexuals.

Christianity today is a sad state of affairs. There is no middle ground folks. I do not know how many times I have said that and will continue to say that. Remember, that ol road to eternal life is narrow, it is not broad. You cannot do what everyone else is doing and expect to be blessed.

You have to make the very unpopular decision to stand with God. It may be unpopular today, but it will not be unpopular when Christ returns.

Commenting on the persecution of Christians in Communist North Korea and in other parts of the world, evangelical leader Franklin Graham said that one of the things he loves about President Donald Trump is that he “defends the Christian faith” unlike many past presidents who “scolded Christians.”

Reverend Graham added that although the liberal media attack Trump and “condemn him” as a bad example of a Christian, he is at least “defending the faith and standing strong on that.” Graham stressed that he himself is not the “greatest example” of a Christian either, but the point is to believe in Christ and strive to do one’s best.

On Fox & Friends Weekend, Feb. 10, one of the hosts asked Graham, “Reverend, we talk a lot about political prisoners in North Korea. What is the status of the church and ‘religious prisoners’ [there] as well?”

Source: Rev. Graham: Trump ‘Defends the Christian Faith,’ Past Presidents ‘Scolded Christians’


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