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Justin Trudeau Corrects Constituent: It’s Not ‘Mankind,’ It’s ‘Peoplekind’

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WEB Notes: Gender, gender. Gender, blender. This reminds me, starting in 2011 the NIV Bible went this route as well. Substituting he/she for people, etc. It ruins the identity of the people and blurs lines. Ol Justin came in on the wrong ferry and should go back to wherever it is he came from.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t just wear goofy socks and take serendipitous selfies. He’s a serious man. He’s so serious that he is now correcting the politically incorrect terminology of audience members at his town hall events.

In case you were wondering, there is no “mankind.” We enlightened Canadians “like to say peoplekind,” Trudeau says. As Trudeau pointed out, it’s “more inclusive” that way. It’s just important to make the world a bit better with these small, socially just steps as unfortunate males of the species traverse the Noble Eightfold Path of being a woke feminist man.

Source: Justin Trudeau Corrects Constituent: It’s Not ‘Mankind,’ It’s ‘Peoplekind’

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  1. This guys family history is alarming and explains why he is what he is ..MK Ultra mind control, satanic parents, demonic Kosher influences.

  2. and he’s just plain rude. I was taught you don’t correct someone’s sentence due to a syntax error or even grammatical one unless you’re the mother or teacher (they actually had teachers back in my day). Shows his ignorance and low-class.

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