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Date: March 13, 2018

Questions For TSA After Reports Of Laptop And Phone Searches On Domestic Flights

WEB Notes: When was the last time you read a news headline that said, “Americans given more rights!” Probably never. We are constantly bombarded with reasons why we should give up our rights, but never bombarded with reasons why we should preserve them…

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US Sets New Record For Censoring, Withholding Gov’t Files

WEB Notes: So where are all the conservatives? Why are they not up in arms. Surely it is not because we have a “Republican” President in office?

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Trump’s Order Stops ALL Foreign Takeovers of Large US Tech Companies

WEB Notes: Yes, this is a good idea from a perspective of self preservation. However, it continues to display the idea of a dictatorship in this nation. Executive Order’s are illegal. This is rule by decree, not by the law…

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Syrian Observatory Says War Has Killed More Than Half A Million

WEB Notes: Can you imagine that for a moment? How big is the city or town you live in? There might be a couple hundred thousand people in our general region where I live. It is like everyone in this region being wiped out twice over. This is insanity. Pray for our fellow Christian brothers and sisters in this part of the world and those in harms way else where.

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How Trump Could Restart Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks

WEB Notes: The dynamics of our world are changing rapidly, yet there is still many prophecies that must come to pass before we see the Return of Christ and remember… Satan will appear first as the false messiah

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Trump, Don’t Turn The Military Into A Federally Funded Sex Change Clinic

WEB Notes: These people do not need to be encouraged or supported when it comes to destroying their identity. Men are born with different plumbing than woman. It is just the way it is, God seemed to think it was a good idea, so let’s leave that alone. My tax dollars certainly should not go to supporting some confused soul. I would love to help that soul, but not to continue to confuse his/her mind.

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Feds Run $215 Billion Deficit in February, Highest In 5 Years

WEB Notes: Read it as many times as it takes to sink in. Combine this with the so-called tax cuts and we can see the government continuing to go further and further into debt.

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Trump Spares NAFTA Partners From Tariffs On Steel, Aluminum

President Trump ordered tariffs Thursday on foreign steel and aluminum, brushing aside objections in his own party but sparing Canada and Mexico temporarily while the U.S. pushes its neighbors for a more favorable free trade deal.

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More Than Half Of Millennials Are Going Through ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’, Research Finds

WEB Notes: They note one of the biggest things affecting this age group is finance and these people admit to spending more money than they make…

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Robot Rides Are Going to Deliver Pizza and Parcels Before People

The early conversations around driverless cars have focused on robot taxis because taking the human driver out of a cab seemed like the quickest path to profitability. But an increasing number of companies—automakers, tech giants, startups, parcel services—are seeing autonomous delivery as the more lucrative venture.

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