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Date: March 15, 2018

Millennials Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism

WEB Notes: True story. I once worked with a gentleman (older man) who happened to lean to the left. During conversations, I just could never get him to understand it is not right to take from my pocket and give it to someone else…

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Toys ‘R’ Us Plans To Close All U.S. Stores; 33,000 Jobs At Risk

WEB Notes: Yesterday is was the UK, today it is the US.

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The Senate Just Quietly Passed The Biggest Rollback Of Wall Street Regulations Since The Financial Crisis

WEB Notes: They are calling this the (Mike) “Crapo” bill and I could not agree more. The article goes on to say this will loosen lending so consumers have easier access to credit. So they passed the bill, because the poor consumer could not dig his debt grave deep enough. Interesting since America has a credit card debt of over $1 trillion for the first time in history.

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Stop School Violence Act Passes House With Near Unanimous Support

WEB Notes: “Let’s do something”. When they pass a bill, they feel like they are “doing something” to stop the problem, when in reality they do not understand the problem at all…

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Atheist’s Complaint Leads to Removal of Historic California Church Sign

WEB Notes: This mayor should be ashamed of himself. He allowed himself to be bullied like he was back in elementary school. The atheist FFRF organization is comprised of atheist bullies, plain and simple.

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Federal Judge Rules School Must Allow Girl With Gender Dysphoria to Use Boys’ Locker Room

WEB Notes: It is a moot point to say the judge was appointed by Obama. One of the first things Trump told us when he became elected is the issue over homosexual marriage, etc was settled. Regardless, this entire situation concerning bathrooms should be a non-issue. Any judge making such a ruling needs his head examined to ensure he understands common sense.

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