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Date: March 22, 2018

The US Military Is Making Lasers That Create Voices out of Thin Air

WEB Notes: I have read about this type of technology in the past. In the video, during the second spin you can hear what they mention below, but that does not sound like a voice. I am sure they will get it within a few years time. This type of technology could appear to be supernatural if they do not understand the underlying technology. We are entering a truly interesting era.

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Congress Introduces $1.3 Trillion, 2,232-Page Funding Bill, Hopes For Passage This Week

WEB Notes: So there is no confusion, we are neither Republicans or Democrats. Why? Neither of those parties represent the people. The approval rating of the Republican Congress stands at just 15%. So what I just said is not news to you either…

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More California Cities Seek to Defy ‘Sanctuary State’ as Revolt Spreads

WEB Notes: Orange county just grew a back bone? What other counties are going to stand up for the people?

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Fed Raises Rates and Signals Faster Pace in Coming Years

WEB Notes: Translation – If you are a banker: you win, if you are an American taxpayer: you lose.

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Zuckerberg: ‘I Would Love to See’ Regulations on Facebook Ad Transparency – ‘Not Sure We Shouldn’t Be Regulated’

WEB Notes: Come on… If this is not a setup I do not know what is. He went on to say,…

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First Woman, LGBT Lawmaker To Lead California Senate

WEB Notes: “It’s about time” he said. About time? Since when do politicians or anyone else for that matter move ahead or into a role due to their sexual orientation? You are supposed to move forward due to your performance or idea.

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Biden: If I Went to School with Trump, ‘I’d Take Him Behind the Gym and Beat the Hell Out of Him’

WEB Notes: No these are not the words from a heavyweight boxing bout. These are the words of today’s politicians. Of course, Trump had his own comment. As the scriptures state, “I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them,” (Isaiah 3:4).

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Metro Area Populations Surge As Rural America Shrinks

WEB Notes: I have lived in the city and the country and I can tell you, nothing beats the country life. The air is clean, its quite, crime is low to none and the people are just happier and friendly.

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