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Date: March 27, 2018

Global Vaccines Market Worth $48 Billion by 2025

WEB Notes: Then you wonder why vaccines are pushed on the population from every doctor and store. Follow the money. Educate yourself on vaccines.

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‘More Than 10’ Suspicious Packages Sent To Military Sites Around Washington DC

Several suspicious packages were intercepted at various military intelligence sites in the DC area Monday.

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The Happiest Teens Use Smartphones, Digital Media Less Than An Hour A Day

WEB Notes: I have said for years, technology is a tool. We do not go into bondage over a tool. A tool does not occupy all of our time. We use it when we need it and when it makes sense.

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Russia To ‘Respond Harshly’ To US Expulsion Of Diplomats

Moscow will respond harshly to a US decision to expel 60 Russian diplomats, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, has said, but added that it was still open to strategic stability talks with Washington.

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U.S. Approves $1 Billion Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia, Including 6,600 Missiles

WEB Notes: It sounds like US allies are being armed for war…

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Ballistic Missile Attack On Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Kills 1 Person

Yemen’s Shiite rebels fired a barrage of ballistic missiles targeting Saudi Arabia late Sunday on the third anniversary of a kingdom-led war in Yemen, with fragments of one missile over Riyadh killing one person and wounding two.

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The World Keeps Using More Antibiotics And It’s Making Us Sick

WEB Notes: I have found most people believe you have to run to the doctor for the slightest thing that goes wrong in life, even a hangnail. Look all you need for that is a nail trimmer…

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