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Gun Owners Hand In 57,000 Firearms and a Rocket Launcher During Amnesty in Australia

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WEB Notes: People just never seem to learn from history. The human mind is amazingly foolish at times. In one minute a people can be resolute in their belief and the next completely throw it out the window due to psychological warfare…

I am talking about school shootings. Something like that completely changes the perception of ones mind as it affects our youth and “obviously” guns are the problem.

Learn a lesson from those in nations that have firearm bans.

The Australian government collected more than 57,000 firearms during a three-month amnesty allowing citizens to hand in any unregistered weapon with no repercussions.

The initiative ran from July 1 to September 30, allowing owners options to register, destroy, or sell the weapon to a licensed firearms dealer. It recorded an average of 630 firearms handed in a day, according to a government press release accompanying the National Firearms Amnesty report from the Department of Home Affairs published Thursday.

The amnesty aimed to clear out what the government called the “grey market,” unregistered and illegal weapons that remained in circulation following a 1996 ban on certain types of firearms, such as automatic and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

Source: Gun Owners Hand In 57,000 Firearms and a Rocket Launcher During Amnesty in Australia

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  1. For those of you that don’t know the history of gun handover in Australia… in 1996 a mentally ill man went on a rampage in a very picturesque and quiet tourist spot in Tasmania and killed 35 people. In the same year our then Prime Minister brought in strict gun laws in Australia. I was very young then and grew up with a generation of kids who naturally thought that owning a gun is not considered ‘normal’ (we’re fairly okay with farmers having guns but not city or suburban folk, there’s just no apparent need). To reintroduce gun ownership in Australia would be unthinkable, we just don’t have an affinity towards them as a nation. I have no idea where the 57000 guns have been handed back, can’t believe there’s that many out there (it’s just not the done thing anymore to own a gun).

    Of course you need to ask the question, what drove the shooter to it in 1996? It took one (planned) massacre to strip the entire country of guns and now we find them horrifying. What does this set Australia up for in the future? How do we defend ourselves when the guns are owned by criminals and government? Yes, the US is next but by goodness you are holding on to your freedoms well.

    I think it must be too sunny here and life’s too good and boozed up to see what’s happening here and globally.

    • i would like to ask you some questions, if that is okay with you. so what you are saying is, it only took that one time in 1996 to strip the country of guns? or did it take several years?or was it in pieces? do you have school shootings? has crime risen like they say in the video? do you have home invasions? how do you protect yourself from the criminals? and what do they do when they find criminals with guns? do they look the other way, or are they prosecuted to the full extent of the law? Thanks for your input.

      • Hi Gwen, no worries about asking the questions.
        Yes, the massacre in 1996 was the pivotal incident that instigated the changes in gun ownership laws and ultimately gun handover in Australia. The new laws came into effect within months of the massacre.

        This is a rough sketch of our history of gun violence and massacres in Australia. The First Fleet of British ships landed in 1788 and we were colonised by the British in the same year. From 1788 to 1928 there where a considerable number of Indigenous Australians killed in shooting massacres. I’d have to dig into historical records to find info prior to 1971 (online) but from 1971 to 1996 there were regular (1-3 per year) family shootings and spree shootings by regular Australians. 1996 saw the handover of guns by the community at large (from the good side of society and the criminal side) and since then we’ve had only a small handful of family murder/suicides or gun sprees.

        Please note we have NEVER had a school shooting or spree in Australia ever so there is no link with gun ownership we can make in this case. We do have issues with school violence and it’s increasing in our communities. School principals report verbal threats of violence, bullying and physical violence as major issues (from parents and students alike).

        The latest online statistics (2013-2014) show our homicide rates are 1 in 100,000. Cause of death: 38% knife stabbing, 24% by hands, 15% arson, 13% gunshot wound, 8% unknown.

        How would I defend myself in the case of home invasion? If the person was armed with a gun probably quite passively. Otherwise it’s fair game and the perpetrators are in an unknown environment and I know what I can use in my own home (heck, I’d ninja star chuck spiders if necessary, haha).

        If they find criminals with guns they confiscate them and look into the perpetrators network and confiscate the guns they own too. Many of these gun handovers are from known perpetrators who get leaned on by the authorities.
        We recently had a gun shop robbed down the road here in Melbourne (there’s not many of these shops, you need a licence, I only know 1 person in my network in Australia who’s got a gun licence). It made the local news headlines for days until they caught the perpetrators. They were criminals known to the authorities and they’d nicked off with 37 guns and had intended to sell them on the black market. They won’t get released from jail for a long time I guess but there’s no info about that via media sources as yet.

        It’s difficult to make absolute parallels between Australia and the US regarding violence as the cultural personalities and psyches between the two peoples as a whole are quite different. Consider aspects like who your founding people were, Australians were colonised mostly by convicts, most of yours were pioneers. On top of that we have significant ethnic diversity which plays a role where our relationship to each other is concerned and especially to the authorities. Australians can be quite distrustful of the authorities but through cultural personality and pressures (brain washing etc) placed on us we can be quite bitterly subservient.

  2. I watched both video’s, i have never seen them before, but have read a lot about the countries that have no gun rights. Australia, can have some guns that are not outlawed, but they have to have taken off several parts, locked up and bullets put somewhere else, well that doesn’t make any sense at all, i am sure the criminal, will wait for you to put it together, not. they know they cannot control the people if they have guns, i hope that people will wake up before it is too late to stop this insanity. do you expect the criminals to obey the law? I hope there is common sense still in this country. those people thought they were doing the right thing, but they found out the hard way, crime went way, way, way up! but once your rights are taken away, you can never get them back.

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