WEB Notes: People just never seem to learn from history. The human mind is amazingly foolish at times. In one minute a people can be resolute in their belief and the next completely throw it out the window due to psychological warfare…

I am talking about school shootings. Something like that completely changes the perception of ones mind as it affects our youth and “obviously” guns are the problem.

Learn a lesson from those in nations that have firearm bans.

The Australian government collected more than 57,000 firearms during a three-month amnesty allowing citizens to hand in any unregistered weapon with no repercussions.

The initiative ran from July 1 to September 30, allowing owners options to register, destroy, or sell the weapon to a licensed firearms dealer. It recorded an average of 630 firearms handed in a day, according to a government press release accompanying the National Firearms Amnesty report from the Department of Home Affairs published Thursday.

The amnesty aimed to clear out what the government called the “grey market,” unregistered and illegal weapons that remained in circulation following a 1996 ban on certain types of firearms, such as automatic and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

Source: Gun Owners Hand In 57,000 Firearms and a Rocket Launcher During Amnesty in Australia


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