WEB Notes: I never like to point to just one thing and say, yup, that right there is why this or that. However… I do feel the technology age has brought about much laziness. Just over 8 years ago in our former residence, we lived in a subdivision and I never saw kids, well, twice a day. When school was beginning and ending you could see them walking to and from. Other than that, I rarely saw a child outside playing. Riding you know those two-wheeled contraptions called bikes…

The more conversations I hear from parents they talk about video games and tech gadgets. Parents, shut that stuff off and send your children outside to play already. You are actually doing harm to your kids.

Take the time to read, “The Silent Tragedy Affecting Today’s Children“.

The United States Marine Corps Commandant told Congress on Wednesday that recruitment is “hard work,” because so few people are qualified to fill the ranks.

But while recruitment is difficult, “This is a really good Marine Corps,” General Robert B. Neller told the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense:

“So, I think we’re all aware that, you know, in the nation, I mean, it’s a strategic issue that less than 30 percent of the young men and women of our nation are qualified just to join the military, either because of physical, mental or moral issues. So now we’re down to 30 percent and now we have to find those that have a propensity or are interested in doing this.

Source: Marine Corps Commandant: ‘Less Than 30% of Young Men and Women’ Qualified to Join Military


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