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Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood: ‘We Need a Disney Princess Who’s Had an Abortion’

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WEB Notes: Enjoy it America! You are paying for vile filth like that. Your government just passed a whole boatload of cash to planned parenthood in the latest fiscal budget. Do not tell me it is not going to abortion as they claim, maybe it is, maybe it is not. But that cash is certainly helping get this disturbing message out. A conditioning message of perversion that becomes more accepted by the public each and evertime they hear it.

A Pennsylvania chapter of Planned Parenthood tweeted on Tuesday that Disney should create a storyline about a princess who has had an abortion, or has gender dysphoria, or is an illegal immigrant.

“We need a disney princess who’s had an abortion. We need a disney princess who’s pro-choice,” Planned Parenthood Keystone wrote. “We need a disney princess who’s an undocumented immigrant. We need a disney princess who’s actually a union worker. We need a disney princess who’s trans.”

Source: Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood: ‘We Need a Disney Princess Who’s Had an Abortion’ | Christian News Network

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  1. I am a public individual. And I see it becoming more and more despicable than I do acceptable. There are those out their though, who soak in it like a log in water! After time the log is saturated and sinks to the bottom! Planned Serpenthood that’s who they really are!??

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