WEB Notes: You know what is even more disturbing than this article? A population who does not mind.

Visitors to New York’s Penn Station will now be subjected to random searches via body scanners courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration and Amtrak Police.

Train and bus riders in New York City and Los Angeles have recently been subjected to random virtual searches from new body scanner technology being rolled out by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. The body scanners use “passive millimeter wave” technology that detects heat coming of an individual body and supposedly can help detect when an individual has something strapped to their body. The technology currently in use is part of a system called Stand Off Explosive Detection Technology developed by QinetiQ, and Digital Barriers from Thruvis.

CNBC reports that the TSA and Amtrak began testing the equipment at New York City’s Penn Station. “An alarm would go off on the equipment operator’s laptop, triggered by an individual’s ‘naturally occurring emissions from the human body,’” CNBC writes. CNBC also reports that TSA Administrator David Pekoske stated in November 2017 that the agency would not introduce “airport-like security” at other public transportation stations.

Source: TSA Expands Body Scanner Searches to NYC, L.A. Train Stations


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