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Hundreds Flock to Cathedral’s ‘Beyonce Mass’ Blending Secular Pop Star’s Music With Scripture Readings, Communion

WEB Notes: Can you actually believe this? What kind of man of God would put on such a display, and what kind of follower of Christ would attend such an event? It becomes clearer by the day where we are on our Father’s timeline. Ensure you and your family stay on the right path by adhering to His Word, not the words of men…

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Missile Attack In Syria Kills 26, Including Iranians

A missile attack in Syria’s northern region has killed 26 pro-government fighters, mostly Iranians, a Syria war monitoring group said Monday.

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Tough Choices Loom for Theresa May to Meet Brexit Promises

Nearly two years after the Brexit referendum, the U.K. stands on the brink of a full-blown political crisis.

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Growing Concern: Foreign Investors Lose Some Hunger for U.S. Debt

Foreign investors’ appetite this year for U.S. debt hasn’t grown at the same pace as the government’s borrowing needs, which some analysts worry could push bond yields higher and eventually threaten to slow economic growth.

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People ‘Associated With’ Central American Caravan Have Entered U.S. Illegally, Federal Officials Say

WEB Notes: There is no way these people should be granted asylum. They could have asked for asylum in Mexico, instead, they trek from their nation, through Mexico and onto our nation.

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Kim Says He’ll Give Up Weapons if U.S. Promises Not to Invade

WEB Notes: Make sure you read the last paragraph below. This is an entirely new person speaking, unless all the words we heard before were never uttered by Kim to begin with. Regardless, something changed behind closed doors and we will probably never know what it is.

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Mattis: Direct Israel-Iran Conflict ‘Very Likely’

WEB Notes: There was a similarly stated article by an Israeli official a few days ago, but the sources were not solid. I highly doubt that Israel will start a conflict with Iran, unless a deal was prearranged behind closed doors for US involvement. Let’s face it, Israel is a proxy of the US. The United States provides Israel with $4 billion dollars a year in cash not to mention other military aid.

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Kim Jong Un, Moon Jae-in Sign Agreement to End Korean War

WEB Notes: The article goes on to explain Donald Trump will meet with the North Korean leader in May or June as well. Very interesting, we have never been this close to peace in Korea. If this holds together, this will be a major breakthrough in a prophetic sense…

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Saudi Arabia Downs Yemeni Rebel Missile

WEB Notes: When you hear the name “Huthis rebels,” that is code speak for Iran. The United States has said they are the ones funding these rebels. So there you have it, everyone supports some rebel cause, Iran down to the United States.

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$46,654: Annual Cost of Detaining Illegal Alien Exceeds Average American Income

The federal government paid a “bed rate” of $127.82 per day to house each illegal alien detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in fiscal 2016, according to ICE data published in a new report by the Government Accountability Office.

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Food Stamps, Disability, Welfare, Medicaid Enrollment Plunges,

Earlier this month, the government reported that enrollment in food stamps plunged by nearly 600,000 in one month.

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New Ten Commandments Monument Installed at Arkansas Capitol to Replace Destroyed Decalogue

A new Ten Commandments monument was installed on Thursday on the grounds of the Arkansas capitol building after a mentally ill man destroyed the first Decalogue display last year with his car.

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