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Date: April 2, 2018

6.8 Magnitude Earthquake CHUQUISACA, BOLIVIA

Merriam-Webster Changes Definition Of ‘Assault Rifle’ After Parkland

WEB Notes: Can you believe that? Words change over time and no longer reflect the original meaning, it becomes distorted to fit an agenda. Just yesterday I was looking at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary on the shelf in our old studio. It is from 1962 and gives an accurate definition of “easter”. Today, this is what ol Merriam-Webster has to say about easter. In the future, our children will not have the reference material some of us have. So much has changed, history has been changed and makes it difficult for one to uncover the truth of a given subject.

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Judge To Tennessee: You’ll Take Refugees Whether You Want To Or Not

WEB Notes: This is another program that needs to be shut down. Trump has signed so many executive orders you think he would have signed one on this by now. Allowing people from the third world into our nation like this, to live on the welfare system is not helping them and it is not helping the United States and her people.

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Trump: Mexico Must Stop Immigrant ‘Caravans’

WEB Notes: The US can assist with the shutdown by shutting off aid to illegal immigrants.

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Can Cellphones Cause Cancer? Experts Surprised By Latest Tests

Can cellphones really cause cancer? It’s been a question that’s dogged researchers for years.

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I’ve Decided To Reclaim My Life – By Using An Old Nokia Phone

WEB Notes: Technology is a tool. If that tool controls what you do and how you do it, it may be time to evaluate your habits.

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How the Fed’s Interest-Rate Hike Affects Consumers

WEB Notes: Stay out of debt to the best of your ability. Do not pay more than you need to for a product or asset. Why?…

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China Imposing New Tariffs On U.S. Products In Retaliation Of Trump Tariffs

China says it’s rolling out new tariffs on U.S. meat, fruit and other products as retaliation against taxes approved by President Trump on imported steel and aluminum.

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Erdogan: You Are A Terrorist, Netanyahu: You Are A Butcher

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday with slaughter in the northern Syrian city of Afrin, taking off his gloves and responding in kind to Erdogan’s sharp criticism of Israel’s reaction to Friday’s march in Gaza.

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Israeli Army Deploys More Iron Dome Missile Defence Systems

Israeli sources revealed on Sunday that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has deployed more Iron Dome defence systems in the Jewish settlements near the Gaza Strip, fearing an escalation of violence, Quds Press has reported.

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New York Passes Bill To Strip All Guns From Domestic Abusers

WEB Notes: This has nothing to do with domestic violence, that is merely an excuse. It has everything to do with gun control, which is people control.

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