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Date: April 9, 2018

Israel Attacks Major Syrian Military Base Killing 14

WEB Notes: This is a major escalation. Just when Trump discusses removing US Troops from Syria, Syria explodes with action. The AP adds to the account stating 14 were killed in the attack, including Iranians who were serving in Syria. Within just days, we now have reports that Assad gassed his own people, which we know is a lie, and Israel strikes a major Syrian military base. These things have no doubt been coordinated in an effort to ensure the US does not leave Syria, not that I believe they will to begin with, but it removes any doubt.

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Russia Says Syria Gas Attack Reports ‘Fabricated’

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Sunday reports of a gas attack in Syria were bogus and any military action taken based on such “invented and fabricated excuses” could lead to severe consequences.

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Syria Chemical Attack: Trump Threatens “Animal Assad,” Putin After Suspected Chemical Weapons Strike

WEB Notes: “As The World Turns”… Just last week, President Trump stated, ‘he wants to pull the troops out of Syria.’ Just days later, Assad is being blamed once again for a chemical attack on his own people. Look folks, to this day, Assad has never been found guilty of assulting his own people. It is entirly fabricated…

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University Student Senator Reads Scripture to Peers After Voting Against Funding for Homosexual Grad Ceremony

WEB Notes: It is good to see some people making a stand for God. It starts with just a single person so never, ever think you cannot make a difference. I guarantee you can!

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Proposed Tennessee Amendment Declaring God as Source of Liberty Advances in Senate

WEB Notes: I really like what I have been hearing from Tennessee the last year or so. Hold the lines boys, hold the line.

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Americans World’s Biggest TV Addicts, Watching Four Hours A Day

WEB Notes: The amount of brainwashing that is being done on a daily level is unfathomable. Many people are going to read that sentence and think, what is he talking about?…

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Secret, Direct Talks Underway Between US And North Korea

WEB Notes: I think we all have always recognized the fact that war is not needed to bring North Korea into the current global structure. The idea of direct peace negotiations is very interesting. There are only a few nations then who are outside of the reaches of global government; Iran and Syria being the top nations.

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Responding To Trump’s Call, Mattis Authorizes 4,000 National Guard Troops For U.S.-Mexico Border

Richest 1% On Target To Own Two-Thirds Of All Wealth By 2030

WEB Notes: The balances have always been off throughout history, but this is something else. When 1% of the population owns more than 2/3rds of the world’s wealth…

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