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Date: April 12, 2018

Trump Dials Back Rhetoric As He Tweets Syria Attack May Not Happen Soon

WEB Notes: We posted his Tweet below. This is not how a President is supposed to act. Besides, as Gwen said in a comment, you do not tell the enemy your military plans. During times long ago that was considered treason, yet our elected officials have been announcing their plans for theater, I mean war for years.

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Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through March; Still Run $599.7B Deficit

WEB Notes: Now hold on here folks, I need to think about this one…. The government gives me and you a tax cut…. Yeah, I have that right…. Now, we all pay a new record amount in taxes…. Something does not compute.

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The Share Of Americans Age 25-29 Living With Parents Is The Highest In 75 Years

WEB Notes: Should this world carry on long enough for this younger generation to have children who are grown adults… That is going to be something to see alright. You do not need to be living in your dad’s basement. Get up off your duff and go look for work. It is out there and anyone who wants to be successful can be, if, they put their mind to it…

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Break-Up Of California Moves A Step Closer As Billionaire Gets Enough Signatures To Trigger Vote

WEB Notes: There is a fair amount of people in the region where we live that have “State of Jefferson” signs, stickers, you name it on their property and vehicles. It is almost like they have had enough of California politics.

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5 Welfare Scams Happening Right Now That Prove We Need Reform

WEB Notes: You will have to follow the source for the details. A welfare system that never goes away is not a helpful program. Maybe to backsliders. Welfare should be a 1-2 year program and then the benefits go away for a minimum amount of time. Just like unemployment…

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Saudi Air Defense Forces Intercept Missile Over Riyadh

WEB Notes: Of course the article goes on to say this is an Iranian missile, just like the last time around. Remember how much military armament the US just sold to Saudi Arabia (and more)? That hardware was not meant to just sit on a shelf. Also remember the globalists plan, “Which Path To Persia?

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NASA’s 4K Moon Video Tour Will Blow You Away

WEB Notes: They zoom into the moon landing site as well in the video. This is pretty interesting and really shows off 4k technology.

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