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Date: April 16, 2018

Russia’s Putin Predicts Global ‘Chaos’ If West Hits Syria Again

WEB Notes: The current global structure cannot function to its full potential in its current state, and this is yet another prime example of that. The nations must become combined in a more manageable way. Russia and the United States are far from enemies but are far from being on the same page as well. We have seen them work together for years in Syria, so everyone just hang tight and relax, the show will go on. I would encourage you to read the first two chapters of The Timeline of the Tribulation to have a better understanding of what is and what will transpire.

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Here’s How Much It Costs To Replace The 59 Tomahawk Missiles Trump Fired On Syria

WEB Notes: $60 million bucks for a five-minute mini-war. Did you have a say in it? Did you agree to it? I suppose that is a drop in the bucket when compared to the trillions that have been spent over the years fighting (supporting) terrorism

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Parents Sue Over State’s Newborn Blood Testing For Genetic Diseases

WEB Notes: No one has control or any right over your own body. That cannot be stressed enough. If you lose the right to your own body, you have no rights whatsoever. The article continues stating unless parents opt out the blood is kept and sold off to a private blood bank.

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Fed Up Parents Organize ‘Sex Ed Sit Out’ to Protest ‘Gender-Bending Propaganda’ Taught in Schools

WEB Notes: It is great to hear about parents getting involved and saying, enough is enough. They are your children folks. Not the states.

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Tennessee Defunds Planned Parenthood, All Abortion Providers

WEB Notes: I do not know the Tennessee governors politics, but I have heard many pro-Christians things from him. This is very encouraging to see. The article continues stating 94% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services are for abortion…

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Humans Will Be Genetically Modified For The First Time In Europe

WEB Notes: We have discussed this subject over the years. Modifying our very genes, I feel, is going a bit too far with our own knowledge. We know this technology is and will be advanced further to make it possible to have “designer babies” among other things. It is literally right out of the movie, Gattaca.

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Prayers Not Allowed Over PA System at Tennessee School Following Atheist Complaint

WEB Notes: Tennessee schools. Hold your ground. Your state recently passed a bill that will place a plaque in your schools stating, “In God We Trust”. Hold that line, it is slowly being erased, we all need to ensure we re-draw it and make it very clear.

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