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Date: May 1, 2018

7.0 Magnitude Earthquake ANATAHAN REG, N. MARIANA ISLANDS

GQ Magazine Lists Bible Among Books Not Worth Reading

WEB Notes: Only a fool would say the Bible is not worth reading, (Psalms 14:1). That is not an insult, simply a fact. It used to be over the course of maybe 10 years you might get a headline like this. Then you heard something like this once every 5 years. Today, we have three articles in a single day and I am sure there are plenty more if we keep digging. Do you see the level of hatred for God? The level of perversion?…

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Disney Selling Homosexual-Themed ‘Rainbow Love’ Mickey Mouse Ears at Theme Parks

WEB Notes: America, wake up! Look around you. See what is and has happened to your nation. Are you okay with this type of behavior from businesses? If you support these type of businesses you support homosexuality. It is that simple. “Oh but the grandkids need to see this place“. No, the grandkids need to be taught about our Heavenly Father and told what He thinks about homosexuality. Do you stand with God, or are you just a pretender, which is it?

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Alabama Teacher Goes Home to Change After Principal Asks Her to Cover Up ‘Just Pray’ T-Shirt

WEB Notes: How many truly offensive t-shirts have you seen in your life? Someone thinks the phrase, “just pray” is offensive?! I would say, “what has this world come too,” but we already know. For those fed up with this type of news…

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