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Date: May 2, 2018

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake EASTER ISLAND REGION

Announcement: Bible Question And Answer

Christian Cross Mountain Clouds

We have a fair amount of changes taking place on the backend of our site. One of those changes will now come to the front end. Moving forward, Bible Question and Answer will no longer appear as a single post with multiple questions. Instead, it will appear as multiple posts with a single question.

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Facebook Has Begun To Rank News Organizations By Trust, Zuckerberg Says

WEB Notes: From his own mouth, only the big boys are going to be reconized. New organizations are founded all the time, what about them? All I have to say, is when there is no truth left, the people can partially thank themselves for supporting organizations who do not support free speech. It appears to be slowly vanishing and few reconize that fact.

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65% of Public School 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading; 67% Not Proficient in Math

WEB Notes: Maybe if they were not doing all those lock down exercises they would have some time to focus on actual school work. That is why some send their children to public school right? To be educated… Apparently that is not happening and what are the parents doing about this? We pay a lot of money in taxes for the public school system, I think we need to get what we pay for and a grade of F is not acceptable.

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‘I Feel Like My Heart Has Stopped Beating:’ Kids Open Up About The Frightening New Reality Of Regular Lockdown Drills

WEB Notes: Fear and hype. They are teaching the children to live in fear. You know what happens when you let fear rule? You stop thinking, you become paralyzed by it. They even do these lock down or “active shooter” drills in the work environment and I walked out of one once. I am not going to participate in a public brain washing and I respectfully let people know that. The people are taught how to run and hide…

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‘Massive Victory for Homeschool Families, Parental Rights’: Thousands of CA Homeschoolers Rejoice

WEB Notes: Another example of people just like you making a stand for what they believe in. We may not always win, but we can at least put forward the effort. We posted an article about this titled, “California Communists Seek Private And Homeschool Oversight“.

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Stand For The Second: Students To Walk Out For Second Amendment

WEB Notes: Let this be a lesson to you, one person can make a difference and if we all stood together, under God, we could make earth shaking changes.

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Nine Out Of 10 People Breathing Polluted Air: WHO

WEB Notes: Look at this photo from the source and remember, they want you to stop driving your pick-um-up truck because it pollutes. Give me a break already. You know the new gasoline pickups have an ignition shut off these days? If you idle for more than a few seconds, the vehicle shuts off. Let off the break and it fires right up. We go out of our way in this nation to curb pollution. As nasty as the air is in LA, it still looks nothing like that photo.

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