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Date: May 19, 2018

‘End Times Fatigue’: Evangelicals Find Biblical Case For Israel Less Compelling

WEB Notes: End times fatigue. When people believe the Return of Christ is next year, each and every year that will certainly bring about end times fatigue. If you continue reading this article at the source, this thought process left some abandoning their faith…

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Donald Trump’s Threat To Kim Jong-Un: Make A Deal Or Suffer Same Fate As Gaddafi

WEB Notes: This administration is full of warmongers. This is not negociating with good intensions and peace in mind. If you had a dispute with your neighbor, how willing would he be to ment the issue if you told him, ‘you make peace with me or I am going to come over there and kill you and your whole family‘? Do you think he is going to make peace with you or do you think it would further the fued?

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Santa Fe High School shooting: Suspect identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis

WEB Notes: Unfortunately, this is becoming all too common these days. When we push aside God and call for schools that are gun free, we really are not doing ourselves any favors. According to other media outlets the shooter displayed Nazi and Communist symbols. I have not yet found any reports stating a motive or reports of the shooter being on any form of drug.

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