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IDF: Palestinians Throw Grenades, Explosives At Troops On Gaza Border

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WEB Notes: Make sure to read that title one more time and then note the picture from the source of the article. If these guys are launching rockets at Israel where is the footage? I am not saying it is not happening, but let’s see some footage of it. Do not tell me the Palestinians are shooting rockets and flying fire bombing kites and then show me a picture of a 100lb kid throwing a rock with a spatula inspired sling.

A Palestinian is reportedly injured by IDF fire as the weekly “March of Return” clashes resume on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

The Palestinian is said to be launching a burning kite toward Israel when he is wounded.

It would be the first known IDF shooting of a Palestinian kite flyer.

During the recent border clashes, Palestinians have adopted the tactic of kites carrying flaming objects over the border in an attempt to set nearby farmland on fire.

Source: Times of Israel

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  1. Reminds me of the movie world war z when the zombies storm the Israel wall and kill all those inside.

  2. I’m so tired 😴 of the Iranian, Palestinian boogity 🕸 man. I lived through the Iranian hostage scam. Just like they made Gaddafi out to be a supporter of terrorism. Then you find out Gaddafi was a good person. Then crooked Hillary and Barack Milhous Obama stole his gold and murdered him.

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