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Recent Site Trouble

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World Events and the Bible Family,

We recently made you aware that we have been making some changes on the back end of our site. One of these changes required the assistance of a vendor and that change became service affecting  a few times over the last couple of weeks.

I sincerely apologize for the service interruption. When we work on our site, we strive to make changes as transparent as possible, so you, the reader, are not affected in a negative way by those changes. We understand you take time out of your day to visit our site and we not only respect your time, but value your readership.

This portion of work is nearly complete, please be patient while we finish working through it.


Brandon T. Ward

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  1. As long as you have this site Brandon I will come here. Things are more difficult for Christian sites to share world news, GOD’S WORD, or Christian music. I had a Christian site on facebook for two years and went to log in to it one day and couldn’t. . My page was titled “I LOVE HEAVEN GOD AND JESUS CHRIST.” I had over 7 million readers from all over the world that came to my page regularly and it all stopped in one. day. I posted scripture and news and Christian music and I was constantly being hassled by facsbook, but I kept praying and asking GOD to keep my page open until HE decided to close it, not facebook. Facebook was hassling more and more but I kept praying, I reached a time that I began asking GOD if He wanted me to close my page, and I waited for His answer, and it came in one moment when I could not log in, and I was glad that GOD closed it, not facebook! satan kept trying to shut me down but GOD always intervened. GOD missed nothing! GOD seen the problems I was having with un-christian people trying to put their un-Christian beliefs on my page, it was a battle, but I never gave up, it was in GOD’ hands until HE said “enough”. So hang in there Brandon, do what you need to do and leave it in GOD’S hands.

  2. I wasn’t worried Brandon, what our Father Blesses no man can stop!!
    Do what you need to do and keep up the good works, trouble will come to all of us one day, but not today.!!

  3. The real statement of fact is… Not if, but when it does occur! It has been a pleasure speaking with and sharing what has been sealed WITHIN our foreheads while here! The oil of truth! Get it while time and supplies last! The lamp must be full so that it’s light guides us through dark times to that door you will see in the near distance! And when you get their and knock! You are let in! Why? You had enough oil/truth to guide you their of course! 🙏 Oil of the 10 Virgins… 5 went in… 5 did not! 😀👍👊

    May your oil gauge read—“FULL”—!!! Hallelujah!!!

    Geez Brandon! I too had thoughts that the Gestapo, or should I say googlestapo had finally lynched my keyboard without warning!!?? Lol! Whoweee! 😌 😀

  4. Justice4all123

    May 15, 2018 at 11:24 AM

    Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking it was on my end or the website was being hacked. :-0

  5. it was questionable, since the embassy stuff and now May 15th. thanks for tapping in.

  6. Thanks Brandon, i was beginning to think, that there was no more real news! hahaha., or that they were blocking us from getting the news.

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