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White House Underestimated New Debt In Trump Budget By $2.3 Trillion

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WEB Notes: They all should be fired. How can you underestimate a budget by 2.3 trillion dollars? This is just plain rediculous. Your children could have created a budget and not made such an “error”. I do not believe this is an error at all. This was done on purpose to sneak more funds through, no one is stupid enough to make this grave of an error. Fire them all.

President Trump’s proposed budget would add $2.3 trillion more to deficits over the next decade than the White House estimated, the Congressional Budget Office said Thursday.

CBO, Congress’ agency for producing budget analyses, said Trump’s fiscal year 2019 budget would add $9.5 trillion to total deficits over the decade, not the $7.2 trillion the White House projected. The difference is mostly attributable to the CBO’s estimate of slower economic growth. Less growth means smaller tax collections and thus higher deficits.

Source: Washington Examiner

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  1. i don’t know why they even mention this. i am sure that there is other money missing that they cover up and hide, so why even bother any more. fire them, who the heck is going to do that? you going to vote them out, yea, like that is rigged beyond belief. as far as i am concerned they have sold us all out.

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