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Date: June 4, 2018

Pew Research Shows Most Nominal ‘Christians’ in Western Europe Do Not Practice Their Profession

WEB Notes: This is one of the reasons why our Father’s Word is so relevant. Listen to the Word’s of Christ…

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Supreme Court Rules For Baker Who Refused Wedding Cake For Gay Couple

WEB Notes: Once in a while we get a victory and this is a very nice one. This has been going on for five years now. Make sure to thank our Father for the little victory’s we receive along our path through life.

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Trump: ‘I have the absolute right to PARDON myself’

WEB Notes: How can you tell when you have a dictator for a Presient? When he makes statements like this.

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California City Fights Poverty With Guaranteed Income

WEB Notes: This is more governmental welfare and maybe it is a good idea after all. I mean you are going to have some people who will move to Stockton just to claim that money. That is great news for towns who want to get rid of the people who refuse to work, but can.

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Too Much Bad News Can Make You Sick, Say Researchers

WEB Notes: Of course it can! So get out there and enjoy some of our Father’s nature and take a Bible along to read under a tree which actually increases your happiness by the way…

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Kim Jong Un ‘Fires North Korea’s Top Three Military Generals’

WEB Notes: When we talk about events of the last days these are the type of headlines I expect to see. I expect to hear lots of calls for peace, the world coming closer together. I also expect to hear war and we have all of that going on right now. To a degree we always have. However, not to the degree we are seeing now. North Korea has essentially always been outside of the global system. Yet, we continue to see “positive” steps for them to possibly join the global order.

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Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Eruption Kills 25, Injures Hundreds

An estimated 25 people, including at least three children, were killed and nearly 300 injured on Sunday in the most violent eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano in more than four decades, officials said.

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Hawaii Evacuees Leave Homes As New Lava Threatens On Big Island

WEB Notes: Hawaii is really feeling it right now, quakes continue to rattle the tiny state. Do we have any Hawaiian readers?

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U.S. Airstrikes Targeting Islamic State Surge 300 Percent

WEB Notes: Now ol Trumpie just told us weeks ago he was going to pull the US out of Syria. Then we had Israel launch a major attack on Syria. Now more attacks against ISIS by US forces…

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California On Front Line As STDs Run Rampant In US

WEB Notes: California is a beautiful state with so many things to go and see and various climates. Unfortunately, it has been run into the ground with an ideology that stands so far away from God and common sense it has led to headlines such as these.

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