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Date: June 6, 2018

Genealogy Site MyHeritage Says 92 Million User Accounts Compromised

WEB Notes: This is one reason of many why you may wish to skip these type of tests. Other articles point out your data is kept by these companies and then sold off at a later date. When you pay for the service, why are they keeping and selling your data? All of this is contained in the agreement that is signed, why do the people agree to such terms? The world may never know.

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Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Christian Cross Mountain Clouds

We will publish our latest edition of “Bible Question and Answer” on Friday and we invite you to participate by submitting your question and joining the discussion. Your questions can be Biblical in nature or concern world events and life in general. We will also address questions or comments about our Bible studies in this forum. You may submit your question by clicking the “Bible Q&A” link at the top of our site.

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South American Economies Dive South As Growth Outlook Dims

Pro-business leaders in South America’s largest economies are struggling to spark growth as their policies run head-on into domestic crises and emerging market turbulence.

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Nicaragua’s Political Crisis Descends Into ‘Dark Days’

WEB Notes: As our nation continues toward God it can be disheartening at times. But remember, this nation still has a lot of good in it and relative peace within itself if you seek it.

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Guatemala’s Volcano Of Fire Erupts, Kills 70; At Least 46 Injured

At least 70 were killed during a fiery volcanic eruption in south-central Guatemala as pyroclastic flows rushed into rural communities Sunday. Rescuers have struggled to reach people where homes and roads have been singed and coated in volcanic ash.

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Kilauea Volcano Eruption Filled In Hawaii’s Biggest Lake In Hours, And Is Now Reshaping Coastline

WEB Notes: A recent earthquake seems to have triggered this entire series of volcanos and now we see Guatemala reeling as well.

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