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Date: June 8, 2018

CDC: Suicides Increased By More Than 30 Percent Since 1999 In Half The States

WEB Notes: This nation needs God plain and simple and not some watered down version of Him. Jehovah our Heavenly Father can be discovered in the Holy Bible. Open it up and start reading it.

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Americans’ Wealth Surpasses $100 Trillion

WEB Notes: Remember those psychological games we talked about earlier today? Here they are again…

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Merkel Urges Europe To Step Up In Trump’s New World Order 

WEB Notes: What were your thoughts when you read this one? Do you honestly think Trump is truly making America great again and turning it away from the globalist enemy?…

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Poll: 72% of Americans Believe Euthanasia Should Be Legal

WEB Notes: Remember the perception we just spoke about? Here it is again. Slowly over the years this idea continues to be presented to the public and it gains traction as not many will speak against it. The problem is, the powers that be own air time and all you end up getting is one side of the argument and so over time the people become conditioned to the thought. Psychology is a very powerful tool.

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Survey Shows That A Majority Of Americans Believe Pornography And Polygamy Are Morally Acceptable

WEB Notes: This is not shocking in the least. Perversion has been normalized through television and social media to name a few outlets. We could also name our country and education system as a contributor, even many churches today as well who all push the agenda…

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NASA Curiosity Rover: Mars Has Life? Building Blocks Discovered

WEB Notes: Building blocks exist on Mars they say, yet there is no life there. Why?

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