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Africa’s Massive ‘Trees of Life’ Likely Being Killed Off by Climate Change

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WEB Notes: The Baobab Tree is known as the tree of life since it produces a fruit during the dry season providing a critical food source in the region. I feel we have a little symbology here, Jesus Christ is the Tree of Life and while He is certainly not dead, this is yet another sign the earth is groaning for His Return. Tree’s that live to be 2,000 years old, do not just die for no reason. These trees are so old they existed when Christ walked the earth, amazing.

Africa’s massive “trees of life” have been dying off and researchers aren’t sure what is happening to the iconic greenery.

A recent study suggests climate change has been playing a role in the deaths of the continent’s native baobab trees. The towering trees are the largest flowering trees and the longest living, reaching nearly 2,000 years of age.

“We report that nine of the 13 oldest and five of the six largest individuals have died, or at least their oldest parts/stems have collapsed and died over the past 12 years,” wrote the international team of researchers. Researchers even went so far as to call the deaths “an event of an unprecedented magnitude.”

Source: Africa’s Massive ‘Trees of Life’ Likely Being Killed Off by Climate Change, Study Says | The Weather Channel

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  1. what I liked about the article is the numbers detail–such as in the last “12 years”, longest living tree, 9 of the oldest 13 died (70%), live 2000 years! So now what today is new? It’s not climate change. Thanks for sharing, I posted the article on fb.

  2. Are we positive this is not human related? There was a lot of info in the news about these trees about 10 years ago when I learned of them…you can buy oil from the baobab tree..I know cause I have some. We all know the progression of things FIRST we discover it..Then we destroy it …Then we slap the ENDANGERED sign on it and try to bring it back …Sounds like the usual “human intervention” not that Climate weirdness isn’t playing a part BUT trees that have supposedly lasted 2000 years have surely experienced all kinds of change. Who knows what poisons are being sprayed on us from above daily ..and how all water sources are poisoned…just a different opinion

  3. Might it be? Ask yourself! From what you know of God’s Word! And the powers and principalities on high that be. What battles are in preparation that come, or are already in play? 2 Thessalonians 2: 9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and 👉lying wonders, 👈 ( Note): We know Christ’s coming is after Satan. And that Christ’s power and signs do not coincide with lying wonders! These are Satan’s powers, signs and LYING wonders! So! Are these things of lying wonders possibly of Satan’s principalities and power’s of deception his doing’s prior to his coming and literal presence? Presently spiritual? I think so! You see it equally being manifest through his children from all levels in these times of sorrow! Including nature! Yes! We are responsible in part ourselves, but he play’s apon it to his advantage! ( And our Father is not pleased either). However! Don’t be fooled by Satan’s level of deception! (Continue)… Verse 10. And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this CAUSE God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the TRUTH, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
    Remain in the truth! Do NOT let Satan’s deceptions bring guilt apon you for any wrong doings you have repented of! Fear brings doubt! Doubt destroys faith! And Satan is that destroyer! Stand strong and do that which pleases our Father as best possible! The flesh is weak, and the spirit willing! Put your mind toward the latter! In prayer and humble commitment! 👍👊😁! The Ruach (Holy Spirit) is always their for the calling! Trust in Him!

    In Yeshua’s name! Amen.

    • Good message Todd, though the lying wonders belong to Satan literally appearing on earth and deceiving the people.

      • I agree! But they appear to be here presently also!!?? And deceivingly so!😕

        • I do not think I follow Todd… Satan and his angels are not here on earth at this present time. That is how I read that, but I do not think you believe that.

          • I wanted to touch on this a bit more for new readers and students of the Bible. Chapter 5 of The Timeline of the Tribulation is titled, “The Timing of Satan’s Apperance.” In that study we go in depth on Satan’s apperance. “The Hour Of Temptation” is another good one as well for understanding the timing.

            Finally, here are some past Bible Q&As on this subject.


          • Just speaking spiritually here! At present Satan brings many things apon us through every means of preparation to his literal coming! This has always been biblically witnessed throughout time! He is not literally as yet walking to and fro as before, but spiritually he is! My point is that it escalates as the birth pangs grow ever closer! I feel he is ever closer to his children in communication and influence as we see them manifest themselves before us! And God’s children have also distanced themselves from Him making the power’s and principalities on high that more intense in the world as we witness daily!
            Hope that clarifies my claim more clearly?

            They kingdom come they will be done on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN! If things are escalating in HEAVEN, so shall they on earth. To me that is a sign of things soon to come!

            And we see fulfillment at a rapid pace! Yes I am aware of the timeline of events! They are in our time before our eye’s! Be it 48, or 67 either generation of that chapter before us is nigh!

            A blink away! The war is on in the heavens and I’m feeling it from a spiritual standpoint of outward ferver and preparation!😁👍👊

            But that’s me! Armor on and in place!😇😁

        • Todd, I think only Satan’s evil spirits currently traverse the fleshly world. When they come on their “horses” will know.

          • To you DFG and Brandon. If you read my post closely you will see that I stated ” SPIRITUALLY present”! Not in his literally presence! His spiritual presence is ever so strong in these day’s before us… And that this is a sign to take heed of! 😉

            Your daily posts are a testimony of this fact brother Ward! Are they not!!??😁

          • Thanks Todd, you know I gave you the benefit of the doubt there. But it was just how it read to me. Thanks for clearing it up for all of us. March on!

      • Exactly Brandon,
        Isaiah 14:12 covers that topic. The scorpions and their locust army arrive at the 6th Trump with that Antichrist deceiver.

    • Truth!! “Do NOT let Satan’s deceptions bring guilt upon you for any wrong doings you have repented of!”

  4. Brandon, I agree that we are poisoning our environment. One merely has to look around to see.
    But, how does climate change/global warming fit into this. Global warming and its “solution” of carbon credits is a sham- faking numbers and statistics.

    Will you expound on this a bit?

    • Good afternoon Jennifer, yeah I can expound on that. I agree with you as well, the whole thing is a sham. It is just another way to tax the people. Yes, we are doing damage to the earth, but we are certainly not causing the weather to change as they claim. The weather has been odd for more than a few years now, I do think some of this is normal in the sense that the earth goes through its own cycles. Talk to older folks who can remember the weather patterns 30 years ago and they will concur.

      However, some of it is not normal, like what I pointed out about my oak trees. I could carry on with examples like that since we spend a lot of time in nature, but you get the idea.

      If you recall from years ago, the climate change email leak proved they made up the global warming numbers. Way back in World Events and the Bible history we have these three articles:

      Those articles should let you know how I feel about “climate change”. Further, it has been proven that temperatures have gone down and Al Gore’s ol Polar Bears are doing just fine.

      I hope that helps.

      • Jennifer Snead

        June 15, 2018 at 9:30 AM

        Awesome! Thanks for the links. Facts and truth. Like a good pastor use to say Christianity is not a religion it’s just reality!

        • My pastor used to say that too! And he said global warming happens every year. It’s called summer!

          • Jennifer Snead

            June 18, 2018 at 7:07 AM

            HA! True!

          • Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (weather folk) says that were going to have the coldest start to winter in ~40 years… we’ve got a low tonight of 4°C (~39°F)! Daily maximum temperatures of 12°C (~54°F). Seriously chilly right now!

      • Some say the constant dumping from those chemtrail cocktails planes is a big reason for dying trees .. Who knows what they are dumping on us if it slowly kills us it will probably affect plant life too.

        • Who knows about the planes for sure. Yes, it is happening to control climate change they tell us. The globalists are getting dumped on then too, just as we are. It is a crazy thought to begin with and one that should make us all question their own sanity.

          Let’s just say for a moment there really was manmade climate change.

          Man spraying chemicals above the earth to rain down on everyone, does that really sound like a good manmade solution? No. It is band-aiding over a problem and creating some new issue we will discover in the future.

          From articles we have posted in the past there is already documentation stating how we have less sunlight now due to spraying as some of the sun is blocked out. Obviously, God created the earth to receive a certain amount of sunlight and on one level we see man changing even that to a small degree.

          Everything man touches, he typically messes up.

  5. Brandon, you put a little blip in their about the earth groaning for his return. do you think those strange sounds that people are hearing around the world, is the groaning? i have never heard them myself, but only what i have heard on video .

    • There has been an enormous amount of doctored videos floating around out there about the state of the earth. I can create one just as convincing on my iPhone in 5 minutes, it does not make it real right?

      Are some of the sounds legitimate?

      Probably, I know we posted some articles on them in the past which were from news sources. If I recall some of them were caused by earthquakes and most likely fracking from memory.

      When God’s Word talks about the earth groaning it is not a literal groaning sound we are going to hear. Groaning is simply a symbolical statement. We hear the earth symbolically groan every day through species that are being killed off, pollution and the earths every-changing weather cycle, etc. Some of the weather cycle I am mentioning is normal, some is certainly not.

      For example, where I lived, the oak trees starting leafing in December a few years ago, that is about 3 months early. That is just one example from my own observation.

      The same goes for the Trumpets mentioned in the Book of Revelation. They are not going to make literal sounds here on earth, maybe Heaven, but for us they are simply symbolic of actions being taken in Heaven and earth.

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