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California Farmer Has Guns Confiscated and Faces Felony Charges After Trying to Register Rifle

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WEB Notes: Another great example of the common man being punished by over reaching firearm laws. Crimminals do not care about these laws, they will possess whatever firearm they wish. That is why they are crimminals. These laws are intended to strip firearms from law abiding people, I am convinced of that. Gun control is not about controlling firearms, but controlling people.

California residents attempting to comply with the Golden State’s ever-increasing swamp of firearms laws and regulations should take warning. According to a report out of Bakersfield, a good faith effort to obey the state’s labyrinthine firearm rules will not spare a gun owner in technical violation of the law from the wrath of the California Department of Justice.

Back on May 17, local NBC affiliate KGET reported on the case of farmer Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann. According to the news outlet, the trouble started back in April when Kirschenmann attempted to register a rifle he owned with the California DOJ.

In California, “assault weapons,” or commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms with features the California State Assembly finds distasteful, are subject to registration. Pursuant to SB 880 and AB 1135, the California DOJ is now accepting registration of firearms lawfully owned prior to January 1, 2017 that fit the state’s new, stricter, definition of an “assault weapon” signed into law in July 2016. The change in definition targets firearms equipped with a “bullet button,” which allows the user to efficiently remove a fixed magazine with the use of a tool. The registration period runs through June 30, 2018.

The KGET report explained that during his attempt to comply with state law, Kirschenmann submitted photos of “an illegally modified” AR-15 to the California DOJ. This prompted an investigation by the DOJ that culminated in a raid of Kirschenmann’s home. Once inside the property, investigators allegedly discovered several unregistered “assault weapons,” a pair of suppressors, and what California terms a “multiburst trigger activator.”

Source: NRA-ILA | California Farmer Has Guns Confiscated and Faces Felony Charges After Trying to Register Rifle

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  1. I believe that U.S. citizens are for the most part honest and trying to comply with their totalitarian laws, but in the end, look what they do. When people see this kind of 1984 stuff going on, do you think they want their homes raided by swat teams, i don’t think so. Their so called laws are against the constitution and they think we are just going to be sheeple and follow? we will fight back, not violently but we will, with God’s help and the Bible, we will stand against this evil empire, and i really don’t care if they can read this or not, they are overreaching big time.

    • They are overreaching and most Americans understand that. It makes me wonder what law enforcement thinks about some of this. Actually in the past I sat down with the Sherrif of my former county and had a chat with him. He was very pro-people and for us and our rights to possess firearms.

      • how long ago was that Brandon? I hope most of our law enforcement and military feel this way, but i am not sure anymore, as i read so much corruption in the police departments and all kinds of things going on. of course we only hear the bad things most of the time.

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