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Dumb And Dumber: Why We’re Getting Less Intelligent

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WEB Notes: Does this really surprise anyone? I recently had a really nice, but 30 something gentlemen try and tell me the Pacific Ocean was not salty, nor did he realize the oceans were connected. How could our education systems fail us so badly? But hey, I bet they teach a heck of a same-sex education class.

The IQ scores of young people have begun to fall after rising steadily since the Second World War, according to the first authoritative study of the phenomenon.

The decline, which is equivalent to at least seven points per generation, is thought to have started with the cohort born in 1975, who reached adulthood in the early Nineties.

Scientists say that the deterioration could be down to changes in the way maths and languages are taught, or to a shift from reading books to spending time on television and computers.

Yet it is also possible that the nature of intelligence is changing in the digital age and cannot be captured with traditional IQ tests.

Source: Dumb and dumber: why we’re getting less intelligent | News | The Times

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  1. Oh Yeah! Well how about this one! Rep. Hank Johnson thought that if more military personel were to inhabit Guam. That the Island would capsize! He believes islands float!😁 Unbelievable! No volcanoes from the sea floor that created them! No! These land masses just broke off from the mainland, or something! College of Dumb and Dumber! I am absolutely dumbfounded how some people have excelled to this level! Is this Maxine Waters brotha? I’m sorry! But I know kindergarters that should fill their position! Lord have mercy!

    I am a considerate, respectful God revereing person of level seeing intelligence! Give me a break on this one! 😵😲😏

    • Psychology works wonders. As a people, when you see someone in a suit what is the first thing you think? This person is smart, they have some money and power.

      Wrong. It is all a power play people.

      When you think about a Congressman, what do you think?

      Wait, wait, wait!

      I know what our WEB audience will say, be kind. But your average American will think these are really bright folks who know best and there is nothing further from the truth.

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