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Modern Life Is So Stressful That Humans Need Even More Sleep

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WEB Notes: This article really did not tackle the “modern life,” aspect. However, we do know the go go go mentality of today’s world brings about stress for many. If you live in that world either get out of it or learn to manage it better. Work is a good thing, but constantly thinking about work is a very bad thing. Your mind needs its own time to think outside of that realm. Remember, we have a Creator who also needs your attention.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who says they get enough sleep.

But what is “enough?” Is it eight hours? Seven hours? Enough that you don’t need a straight IV of espresso just to get out of bed in the morning?

We’re often told that eight hours is the optimum healthy amount of sleep. But new research suggests this is a misconception.

Penn State researchers have suggested that 8.5 hours of sleep is the new eight hours, Quartz reports.

Source: Modern life is so stressful that humans need even more sleep

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  1. maybe we need sleep according to seasonal changes and not just a pat number. ie: like a farmer: in the summer/late spring/early fall, more light (vit-d) and longer working time (body grows/heals/strengthens like a plant), and light works with melatonin. then in the other times, when the light goes down, the body starts producing melatonin and need more sleep. I noticed this in AK. Of course artificial light throws a curve ball in.

    • I’m very sceptical about the generic number of hours ‘they’ prescribe for sleep per 24 hours… I think that setting a number is an unattainable goal which can lead folk to worry about not sleeping and this exacerbates the problem. I understand that each individual needs a certain minimum number of sleep hours – I’m talking deep sleep, to function and restore itself. However I honestly don’t think it’s reasonable to assume that the average person needs in and around 8 hours to almost solve all their problems in life. Most parents wouldn’t get 8 hours of good sleep for a fair number of years and yet we keep producing our generations. I have partial insomnia and only need/get ~5 hours sleep a night anyway and have been so since my early 20s. If you are awake due to life stresses then take your burdens to God and let Him sort them out (or sort you out in His Perfect Way if you’re the problem). He loves you more than you can comprehend so cast your cares upon Him.

      • Thanks Aussie, good advice. Need 6-7 and that is about all I get. I used to need 8, but too much going on in life and hey, if you feel good and full of energy then you must be doing something right. I think 8 hours is just a general rule. I believe we posted some article a while back saying people needed 10. I will not make a comment on that one.

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