WEB Notes: Radical plan? Hardly. What is radical is to allow the out of control California government to continue doing what they are doing. Hordes and I mean hordes of California taxpayers are leaving the state. So who is that going to leave over the next 10 years to pay for the debt and illegals? The Illegals…

If you visit the source, note the map. I personally do not care for a Northern California with San Francisco and Sacramento a part of it. Past Sacramento, Northern California is very rural and has a lot of small towns and communities.

The state of Jefferson has a ton of support and from my past conversations, even though backers of the state of Jefferson have the legal support, the state of California will not recognize them.

This new plan on the ballot is a first. I have never heard of a three-state solution. Why not place the state of Jefferson on the ballot would be my question?

Probably the “do-gooder” CA politicians will not get the say they want and where they want. Northern California is loaded with resources and that is where the state of Jefferson places its claim.

In either case, it seems doubtful the state will break up, but after considering the thought some more it truly is a possibility and would mean nothing on a global government scale. California will still be under the foot of the Federal Government and therefore, no harm done.

California’s 168-year run as a single entity, hugging the continent’s edge for hundreds of miles and sprawling east across mountains and desert, could come to an end next year — as a controversial plan to split the Golden State into three new jurisdictions qualified Tuesday for the Nov. 6 ballot.

If a majority of voters who cast ballots agree, a long and contentious process would begin for three separate states to take the place of California, with one primarily centered around Los Angeles and the other two divvying up the counties to the north and south. Completion of the radical plan — far from certain, given its many hurdles at judicial, state and federal levels — would make history.

Source: LA Times


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