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Donald Trump Claims Victory In NATO Spending Row Amid Reports He Threatened To Pull US Out Of Alliance

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WEB Notes: The US is not planning to pull out of NATO, Trump is concerned with others not pitching in to the global organization. No where in here will you find that Trump asked the nations to boost their funding to NATO so the US could withdraw some of our funding. It would not surprise me in the least if the US did pull out of NATO however. We discussed a break up of the current global structure in “The Timeline of the Tribulation” Chapter 2 titled, “The Ram And The He Goat“.

Donald Trump has said that the United States’ commitment to Nato “remains very strong”, after he claimed member countries agreed to his demands to increase funding for defence.

Mr Trump refused to deny that he had threatened to pull the US out of the organisation, and said the atmosphere in the meeting was “a little tough for a little while,” but cordial after the spending commitments went up “like a rocket ship”.

The US president has railed repeatedly about Nato members failing to meet the agreed spending commitment of two per cent of GDP on defence. On Thursday morning he claimed victory, saying that nations had finally agreed to up their expenditure.

Source: Donald Trump claims victory in Nato spending row amid reports he threatened to pull US out of alliance

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