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Gun Owners Risk Felony Charges Due to Problems with State Website

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WEB Notes: He tried to sign up hundreds of times. Boy, I wish people would have protested this law hundreds of times instead. How easily we allow ourselves to be led to our own trench of death.

Thousands of gun owners statewide now find themselves on the wrong side of the law, despite their good-faith efforts to comply with a new state law.

As of July 1st, it’s a felony to possess an unregistered assault-style, semi-automatic weapon in California.

That’s why gun owners, like Ron Whitaker of La Mesa, tried to register those weapons online with the California Department of Justice (CAL DOJ) before last week’s deadline but couldn’t because of an apparent problem with their website.

Whitaker spent $4000 for his LWRC AR-15 assault rifle. He first tried to register it on Thursday, June 28, more than two days before the deadline which was June 30 at midnight.

“I typed the information in a hundred times,” Whitaker recalled. “The website kept crashing. The (state) Department of Justice knew this, and they weren’t doing anything about it.”

Source: Gun Owners Risk Felony Charges Due to Problems with State Website – NBC 7 San Diego

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  1. why in the world would you even do this???chances are they don’t know about these so called assault weapons, and people thinking they are doing the right thing, people need to get some common sense,( or some back bone) but apparently there is none for some. pretty soon you will have to register your vegetables, because hey they could be used as assault weapons, that is how silly this crap is. if enough people stood up to these jerks, this would stop to some point.

    • I hear what you are saying Gwen, I really do. We only enable our own enslavement by going along with this sort of thing, but it is a tough deal, let me offer another thought on this.

      They do it, or they become felons Gwen. It is a sad deal. If one takes their firearm out to the range and an officer looked it over and it was not registered that former law-abiding citizen is now a felon and headed for the big house. It’s actually sick and disturbing.

      I do have to caution however, we have all been conditioned on one level or another.

      I was at a firearms store earlier today and asked about the “suppressors” I saw that they had for sale. Where I come from, those devices are illegal, but there is still a part of America that is semi-free. So the gentleman proceeded to tell me that in addition to the price of the suppressor there is an additional $200 stamp to purchase from the Federal Government and then you have to wait 12-16 months for them to process your paper work before you can ever take your suppressor home.

      I said, that’s a long time.

      His response, no its not a long time at all and he went on to tell me how many he had etc.

      The point is, we should not need to purchase any stamp or wait a year and a half to bring something home. But again, we have all been conditioned to our own level and accept the environments we are a part of.

      If we, as a people, as a nation just pulled together and demanded our absolute freedom, we would have it.

      However, divide and conquer reigns supreme and we cannot say we were not warned about that (Mark 3:25).

      • Thanks Brandon, my son-in-law just recently went to dick’s sporting, because he did not have his gun permit on him, they refused to sell him bullets. control, control, control.

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