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Over 6,000 Nigerians in Christian-Identified Communities Murdered or Maimed by Fulani Muslims in 2018

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WEB Notes: People are always waiting for one big grand event to mark the end times, but folks it is happening each and every day all over the world. It is not one big event we should be watching for, but trends overall. Our Father’s Letter has “told us all things,” we simply must understand how those events line up with prophecy…

Constantly, all over the globe we see Christians being killed and their communities wiped out. Africa and the Middle East are prime examples of that. We see the sins of the world being lifted up, while God’s Word and His Laws are pushed to a lower degree, (Isaiah 5:20). All of this aligns with scripture. Eyes open and do your best to try and be a bright spot in this dark world.

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Church leaders in Plateau State, Nigeria are calling on the government to intervene as a reported 6,000 people in Christian-identified communities have been either killed or maimed by Fulani Muslims in 2018 alone.

“What is happening in Plateau state and other select states in Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately,” reads a statement released by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

It said that the violence by the Muslim herdsman is particularly severe in the north and middle belt, and that women, children and the elderly have been affected by the attacks the most. CAN feels that little is being done about the matter, and that the “perpetrators are being deliberately allowed to go scot free.”

Source: Over 6,000 Nigerians in Christian-Identified Communities Murdered or Maimed by Fulani Muslims in 2018 | Christian News Network

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  1. so much is happening everyday, it is just too hard to keep up with it all. yesterday was the very first time i just went through the headlines, and thought i will go back and go read them. it took forever to go through the headlines, and i have other things to do, so never got back to them. but…………i am sure nothing has changed, and they will put a spin on yesterday’s news and call it “new” news.

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