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The Online Battle For The Truth

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WEB Notes: The best part about this one is it originated from the AP. We continue to hear more and more how they, being social media and online search giants are working to stop fake news. The only thing they are working to stop is the truth. They twist the truth into a lie, just like Satan. I can see even our site has lost some traffic from major search engines and we have nothing but truth to share. It all depends on whose definition of truth we are talking about. This ties into what I have been talking about when I mention “percieved truth”.

False information is saturating political debate worldwide and undermining an already weak level of trust in the media and institutions, spreading further than ever on powerful social networks.

US President Donald Trump has popularised the term “fake news”, using it mainly as an accusation levelled at the media, and it is increasingly used by politicians from Spain to China, Myanmar or Russia.

“Fake news” has been generalised to mean anything from a mistake to a parody or a deliberate misinterpretation of facts.

At the same time, the proliferation of false online information is increasingly visible in attempts to manipulate elections, notoriously surrounding Trump’s 2016 victory.

Source: The online battle for the truth – Tech News | The Star Online

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  1. The information age! Isn’t it interesting! People have come to the point that they have to verify what you say online in order to believe one another! Like what is found online is gospel! If Snopes, or the like doesn’t fact check your claim! Your wrong! Crazy world of relative truth… And God’s Word gives me peace and comfort! Amen!😁

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